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Premier Li Keqiang Visits Ethiopia, the African Union Headquarters, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya
President Xi Jinping to Attend the Third Nuclear Security Summit and Visit the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, UNESCO Headquarters and EU Headquarters
President Xi Jinping Attends the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi
Premier Li Keqiang Attends China-CEEC Summit,Visit Romania and Attends the 12th Prime Ministers' Meeting of the SCO Member States
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The 6th Ministerial Meeting of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum to be Held in Beijing         Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Visit the Republic of Korea         Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development of the French Republic Laurent Fabius to Visit China        
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· Leaders express condolences over hostage's death
· President Hu grieves over deaths in Russian tragedies
· China's FM clarifies stance on Iraq, Mideast, Afghanistan (09/09/02)    (2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on the Attack against Afghan President and the Blast in Kabul (06/09/2002)(2004-04-22)
· Allegation of Al-Qaida Contacts Rejected (08/15/02)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesman's Press Conference(29/11/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Spokesman's Press Conference(30/11/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesman's Press Conference (22/11/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Press Conference(23/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesman's Press Conference(18/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· APEC Leaders Statement on Counter-terrorism(21/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesman's Press Conference(25/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· President Jiang Zemin and U.S. President Bush Met with Press(19/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· President Jiang Zemin answered a telephone call from Russian President Vladimir Putin (20/11/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Vice-President Hu Jintao Held Talks with British Prime Minister(30/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· President Jiang Zemin held Talks with U.S. President George W. Bush (19/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Spokesperson on East Turkistan National Conference's seminar held on EP's premises(19/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Press Conference by Spokesman Sun Yuxi (11/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Press Conference by Spokesman Sun Yuxi(16/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesman Sun Yuxi Gives a Press Conference(09/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Minister Spokesman on U.S. military Strike on Targets in Afghanistan(08/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· President Jiang and US Presidents Talk over Phone(08/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· President Jiang Zemin had a telephone conversation with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf(02/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Premier Zhu Ron Rongji Congratulates National Committee on US-China Relations(03/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan Talks with LAS Secretary-general Moussa(02/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· The Chinese Government decided to provide commodities in order to properly settle Afghan refugees(02/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Spokesperson on the US report that China was supplied by the Taliban US cruises missiles fired during attacks against the Taliban(02/10/2001)(2004-04-22)
· President Jiang Zemin Had a Telephone Conversation with Egyptian President (27/09/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesman's Press Conference(28/09/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Press Conference(26/09/2001)(2004-04-22)
· Spokesperson on the groundless report by Britain's Guardian newspaper(24/09/2001)(2004-04-22)
· US President Bush Met with Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan (22/09/2001)(2004-04-22)
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