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China, Vanuatu pledge to boost ties
BEIJING, Dec. 14 (Xinhuanet) -- The relationship between China and the Southern Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu has returned to normal after one-month-long diplomatic twists and turns, and both governments have vowed to further boost bilateral ties.

    "The Chinese government is willing to join hands with the new government of Vanuatu to further advance the friendly cooperative relationship between the two countries, on the basis of the China-Vanuatu joint communique signed in 1982 when the two countries forged diplomatic ties and the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said at a regular press conference Tuesday afternoon.

    On Saturday, Ham Lini, former deputy prime minister of Vanuatu,was appointed as the new prime minister of the country, after a vote of no confidence in former Prime Minister Serge Vohor, who had criticized for his erratic rule and recognition of Taiwan despite the country's one-China policy.

    Vohor signed a formal diplomatic recognition agreement with Taiwan in Taipei on Nov. 3 during a secret visit seeking funds there. He had been in power for less than six months.

    Lini has named his new ministerial line-up. In the new government, former leader of the opposition, Sato Kilman, was appointed as deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs.

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, Vice-Premier Huang Ju and Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing have extended congratulations, respectively, to Lini and Kilman, Liu said.

    On Monday, Lini wrote to Wen, reaffirming that the Vanuatu government will staunchly stick to the one-China policy and pledging not to have official linkage with Taiwan. In addition, heconfirmed once again that the Vanuatu government has annulled all the agreements signed by Vohor in Taipei on Nov. 3 on Vanuatu-Taiwan ties.

    "China appreciates that move," Liu said, noting that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the China-Vanuatu relationship.

    Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 22 years ago, China and Vanuatu have witnessed increasing exchanges and cooperation in various fields and the two peoples have deepened mutual understanding and friendship, he said.

    "Facts have proven that developing friendly cooperative relationship between the two countries is in the fundamental interests of the two peoples," said Liu.

    There is but one China in the world, Liu stressed. The government of the People's Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing the whole China, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory. "That is the consensus adopted by more than 160 countries, including Vanuatu, in the world and by the United Nations and all the other major international organizations."

    "The one-China police serves as the political basis on which China develops friendly relationships with every other country in the world," he said. Enditem

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