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Premier Li Keqiang Visits Ethiopia, the African Union Headquarters, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya
President Xi Jinping to Attend the Third Nuclear Security Summit and Visit the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, UNESCO Headquarters and EU Headquarters
President Xi Jinping Attends the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi
Premier Li Keqiang Attends China-CEEC Summit,Visit Romania and Attends the 12th Prime Ministers' Meeting of the SCO Member States
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· Chinese premier: Mainland to expand business ties and trade with Taiwan(2008-03-18)
· Mainland "open" to Taiwan banks(2008-03-13)
· Premier: "Taiwan independence" attempts doomed to fail(2008-03-05)
· Beijing to buy Taiwan fruits for Olympics(2008-01-30)
· Chinese mainland announces preferential policies for Taiwan farmers(2007-11-28)
· Statement at the 58th World Health Assembly On the Taiwan-related Proposal(2005-05-16)
· Top legislature passes Anti-Secession Law
· Anti-Secession Law adopted by NPC (full text)(2005-03-14)
· Statement by H.E. Ambassador SHA Zukang at the opening plenary of the second IGWG meeting on the revision of the International Health Regulations(2005-02-22)
· The Taiwan Question and Reunification of China
· Country plans to enact law on anti-secession
· China, Vanuatu pledge to boost ties
· No tolerance of "Taiwan Independence" timetable
· Chen's call for talks hides real intentions
· Chen's speech a grave provocation to peace
· Chen Shui-bian's call for talks discredited
· US asked to stop upgrading ties with Taiwan
· Compatriots Across the Taiwan Straits, Unite to Strive for National Reunification (2004/01/19)(2004-04-22)
· Spokesperson Kong Quan's Remarks on Powell's Statement on Taiwan's Referendum Topics (2004/01/18)(2004-04-22)
· Chinese President calls for closer ties across Taiwan Straits (2003/12/26)(2004-04-22)
· Chen's "holy war" against mainland condemned (2003/12/31)(2004-04-22)
· Policy on 'three direct links' across the Taiwan Straits (17/12/2003)(2004-04-22)
· Mainland reiterates policy on "three direct links" across Taiwan Straits(12-17-2003)(2004-04-22)
· Premier Wen warns Taiwan not to misuse democracy(2004-04-22)
· Commentary: "One China" will be defended at all costs (2003/12/06)(2004-04-22)
· Spokesman's remarks on comment made by US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State on Taiwan question 2003/11/25(2004-04-22)
· Chinese FM spokesman on US official's Taiwan-related remarks (2003/11/21)(2004-04-22)
· US urged not to send wrong signal to Taiwan separatists(27/11/2003)(2004-04-22)
· Taiwan risks strong reaction if it passes law containing words on "independence" referendum: scholars (2003-11-21)(2004-04-22)
· Chinese FM spokesman on US official's Taiwan-related remarks (2003-11-21)(2004-04-22)
· Spokesperson's Remarks on Chen Shuibian's Stopovers in the United States (2003/11/07)(2004-04-22)
· Spokesperson's Remarks on Kiribati's establishment of ties with Taiwan (2003/11/08)(2004-04-22)
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