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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Liu Zhenmin at the Ceremony of the World Meteorological Day 2013

Mr. Jarraud, Secretary-General of WMO

Mr. Touré, Secretary-General of ITU

Professor Thorpe, Secretary-General of ECMWF

Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to extend,on behalf of the Chinese Government, my warm congratulations to Mr. Jarraud and all the staff of the World Meteorological Organization on the 63rd Anniversary of the entry into force of the WMO Convention, the golden jubilee of the World Weather Watch and the World Meteorological Day 2013.

In today's world when the international community is exerting its efforts in addressing climate change, weather observation and forecast is becoming more important than ever for protecting human life and health as well as promoting economic and social development of all countries. Over the last century and more, the WMO and its predecessor played a leadership role in promoting global scientific research and cooperation in meteorology, climatology and hydrology with information exchange and sharing at its core. The establishment of the World Weather Watch in 1963 is a milestone in the history of the WMO which has enabled meteorological and hydrological communities of the member states to work in one team, thus bringing meteorological and hydrological services on global scale up to an unprecedentedly high level.

The year 2012 is a fruitful one for the WMO with its extraordinary achievements. The successful Extraordinary Session in October marked official launch of the Global Framework for Climate Services which would surely bring about ever better observation and prediction of climate, thus empowering the international community to better combat natural disasters and reduce related hazards in future. We are also glad to note that, with the support from the WMO Secretariat, the IPCC is carrying out its work smoothly. We firmly believe that the world people would benefit from those of your efforts and would hold all of you in gratitude.

The Chinese Government attaches great importance to the development of meteorological and hydrological services. As a developing country with a big population, we have been suffering from different natural disasters every year. It is fortunate that the weather forecast has helped our people to better respond to those disasters. With 7 satellites in orbit for meteorological observation and around 50,000 all types of meteorological observing stations on ground, China's weather forecast capacities have been greatly enhanced in recent years and made important contributions in protecting the people's life and property in face of natural disasters.

As a member of the WMO, China has actively participated in international cooperation in meteorology and hydrology, including the establishment and development of the World Weather Watch. China has actively supported meteorological cooperation and has provided assistance to other developing countries in terms of financing, research and human resources. China played an active and constructive role at the Extraordinary Session on the GFCS last October and has been among the first group of donors to the GFCS with a contribution of USD 100,000. We expect that WMO will continue to play a big role. We are committed to further strengthening cooperation with the WMO and other parties in order to bring more benefits of the meteorology and hydrology services as well as climate services to the world people.

I would like to conclude by expressing our best wishes to the WMO.

Thank you!

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