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Statement by H.E. Ambassador He Yafei During the Review of Laos at the 8th Session of UPR Working Group



Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation wishes to thank the Lao Vice Foreign Minister for his detailed presentation, and the Lao government for submitting a comprehensive report.

We note with appreciation that, for nearly 30 years, Laos has achieved continuous economic growth and marked and significant progress in social construct and in the cause of human rights. The Lao Government is committed to achieving its national poverty reduction target, and has actively implemented plans and programmes for poverty reduction. In recent years, Laos has an average of annual economic growth of 7%. The percentage of the poor population has come down from 48% in 1990 to 26.8% in 2008. Laos has also taken active measures of reform and guaranteed, among others, the rights to education, health and work among others.  The constitution of the country provides that the state will implement policies that enhance national unity and equality, and that protect ethnic customs and cultures. Constrained by the natural conditions, the level of development and others, Laos' protection and promotion of human rights continue to face numerous difficulties and challenges. China calls on the international community to continue to provide Laos with the necessary support for social and economic development. Laos and China are friendly neighbors. China believes that, with the unremitting efforts by the Lao government and people, the economic and social development and the cause of human rights in Laos will continue to made new progress.

China wishes to make the following two recommendations. One is that the Lao government continues to take active measures to develop the remote mountainous regions, in order to reduce the gap between these regions and the urban regions.

The second is that the Lao government continues to increase investment in education, and endeavour to raise the nation's level of education to meet the demand of social and economic development.

Thank you, Mr Chairman.

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