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President Xi Jinping to Attend the Third Nuclear Security Summit and Visit the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, UNESCO Headquarters and EU Headquarters
President Xi Jinping Attends the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi
Premier Li Keqiang Attends China-CEEC Summit,Visit Romania and Attends the 12th Prime Ministers' Meeting of the SCO Member States
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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark to Visit China         Wang Yang to Host in Russia a Co-chairs'Meeting of the Committee for Regular Meetings Between Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers         Wang Yi to Visit Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil        
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· Statement by H.E. Ambassador He Yafei During the Review of Laos at the 8th Session of UPR Working Group(2010-05-04)
· Statement of H.E. Mr. He Yafei, Ambassador of China, at the General Debate during the 13th Session of Human Rights Council(2010-03-03)
· Remarks by H.E. Ambassador LI Baodong at the Opening of The Charm of Macao Photo Exhibition(2009-11-26)
· Speech by Vice Premier Hui Liangyu of the People's Republic of China At the Third World Climate Conference (WCC-3)(2009-09-04)
· Introductory Remarks by H.E. DUAN Jielong,Head of Chinese Delegation, at the Consideration of the Committee on Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination on China's 10th to 13th Periodic Reports(2009-08-07)
· Statement by Li Zhaoxing at Joint Workshop on Current Critical Challenges to the South: The Global Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development(2009-07-28)
· Working Together to Overcome the Impact of the Financial Crisis on Global Employment(2009-06-15)
· Opening Statement by Ambassador Li Baodong, Head of the Chinese Delegation at the Eleventh Session of HRC Consideration of UPR Report on China(2009-06-11)
· Statement by H.E Professor Chen Zhu, Head of the Chinese Delegation and Minister of Health of the People's Republic of China at the General Discussion of the 62nd World Health Assembly(2009-05-18)
· Remarks by Ambassador Li Baodong Head of Chinese Delegation at Adoption of WG Report on UPR(2009-02-11)
· Remarks by Ambassador Li Baodong Head of the Chinese Delegation at Fourth Session of HRC WG on UPR(2009-02-10)
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