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Chinese Mission Hosts Asian Women Circle Luncheon

Counsellor Luo Jianping, wife of Ambassador He Yafei recently hosted an Asian Women Circle Luncheon at the Chinese Mission. Ambassadresses from the Permanent Missions of Asian countries and Switzerland to the UN office at Geneva and Chairwoman of the United Nations Women's Guild were treated with Chinese delicacies and a cultural feast.


Counsellor Luo extended a warm welcome to the lady guests and introduced the artists from Sichuan, China. She pointed out that the artists had made a special trip to Geneva to express the deep gratitude of Sichuan people to the international community for its generous support. She hoped that the guests could feel the strength and courage of people of Sichuan in the aftermath of the devastating 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake through the performance.


The artists presented traditional and modern songs, dances from ethnic groups in Sichuan as well as Chinese Kungfu and the magical ' face changing' stunts. The guests were fascinated by the wonderful performance and immersed in a festival mood.


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