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President Xi Jinping to Attend the Third Nuclear Security Summit and Visit the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, UNESCO Headquarters and EU Headquarters
President Xi Jinping Attends the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi
Premier Li Keqiang Attends China-CEEC Summit,Visit Romania and Attends the 12th Prime Ministers' Meeting of the SCO Member States
Second Human Rights Council UPR on China
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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark to Visit China         Wang Yang to Host in Russia a Co-chairs'Meeting of the Committee for Regular Meetings Between Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers         Wang Yi to Visit Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil        
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· Ambassador Wu Hailong Marks Assumption of Duties(2014-04-06)
· Ambassador WU Hailong Presents Credentials(2014-02-25)
· Ambassador LIU Zhenmin Attended Group of 77 and China Retreat at Ambassadorial Level in Geneva(2013-05-10)
· Ambassador LIU Zhenmin Speaking at UNCTAD'sInvestment Policy Review of Mozambique(2013-05-07)
· Ambassador LIU Zhenmin attended the Hand-over Ceremony of the Chairmanship of the G77 and China in Geneva(2013-01-21)
· Ambassador Liu Zhenmin Speaks on East Asia Cooperation at Geneva Centre for Security Policy(2012-10-24)
· Colorful Yunnan Enriches Cultural Diversity at Palais des Nations(2012-10-16)
· Chinese Mission Holds Reception to Celebrate National Day(2012-10-16)
· Chinese and African Ambassadors pledge to enhance multilateral cooperation in Geneva(2012-08-24)
· Ambassador Liu Zhenmin Met with the Head of the FCTC Secretariat(2012-08-22)
· Asian and African Ambassadresses Savour Chinese Culture(2012-08-16)
· Ambassador Liu Zhenmin Met with the CEO of GAVI(2012-08-10)
· Ambassador Liu Zhenmin Visited the Headquarter of the IUCN(2012-07-19)
· Ambassador LIU Zhenmin Met with Executive Director of South Centre(2012-05-15)
· Ambassador LIU Zhenmin Met with WEF Executive Chairman(2012-03-28)
· Ambassador LIU Zhenmin Met with Director General of IOM(2012-03-27)
· Ambassador Liu Zhenmin Welcomed by the Canton of Geneva(2012-03-21)
· Ambassador Liu Zhenmin Met with Secretary-General of UNCTAD(2012-03-20)
· Ambassador Liu Zhenmin Met with WHO Director-General Margaret Chan(2012-03-15)
· Ambassador Liu Zhenmin Marks Assumption of Duties(2012-03-15)
· Ambassador Liu Zhenmin Met With Director General of the International Labor Organization(2012-03-06)
· Ambassador LIU Zhenmin Presents Credentials(2012-03-01)
· Geneva Young Diplomats Forum Tackles Global Security Challenges(2011-12-13)
· Chinese Mission Hosts Asian Women Circle Luncheon(2011-07-27)
· Culture of China - Splendid Sichuan lights up Palais des Nations(2011-07-24)
· Culture of China, Splendid Sichuan Showcasing one of China's most beautiful provinces at Palais des Nations(2011-07-02)
· Ambassador He Yafei speaks on ecological civilization(2011-05-30)
· Ambassador He Yafei speaks on China at Forum de la Haute Horlogerie(2011-05-06)
· Ambassador He Yafei Speaking at UNCTAD's Investment Policy Review of Sierra Leone(2010-12-16)
· Ambassador He Yafei Visits Novartis and the Roche Group(2010-11-18)
· Ambassador He Yafei Speaks at UNCTAD's Meeting of The Role of Trade in the Development of Productive Capacities in LDCs(2010-10-29)
· Ambassador HE Yafei Met with the Director General of UPU(2010-10-14)
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