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Ambassador He Yafei made a speech on China-U.S. Relations and Global Challenges at IHEID
 On May 26, H.E. Ambassador He Yafei gave a speech on China-U.S. Relations and Global Challenges at Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID). The students and faculty of IHEID, as well as diplomats, journalists and academics in Geneva were present.

Ambassador He gave a brief overview of China-US relations from political, economic and social perspectives, and pointed out that a stable and sound development of the relationship not only benefits people of the two countries, but also the world at large.

Under the current international situation, he said, it is essential for the two countries to live up to the commitments to building a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship for the 21st century, while taking concrete actions to steadily build a partnership to address common challenges, as contained in the Joint Statement issued by President HU Jintao and President Obama last November in Beijing. In this context, he advocated for three principles in developing China-US relations, i.e. mutual respect, seeking common ground while shelving differences, and cooperation for win-win results.

He also gave a brief introduction on the second round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogues just concluded in Beijing, and touched upon important and sensitive issues related to US arms sale to Taiwan, the US-China trade imbalance, and RMB appreciation, etc.

In the Q&A session, Ambassador He exchanged views with the audience on a variety of issues, including Iran's nuclear issue, Afghanistan, climate change, the European sovereign debt problem, etc.

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