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Ambassador He Yafei Speaking at UNCTAD's Investment Policy Review of Belarus

On April 27, Ambassador He Yafei was invited to speak at UNCTAD's Investment Policy Review (IPR) of Belarus.   

Ambassador He highly commended the great economic and social achievements of Belarus, especially the steps already taken by the Government of Belarus to improve the investment climate. He pointed out that since 2007, the Belarus government had taken a series of effective measures which led to a steady improvement of its investment environment, a gradual liberalization of its economy and its increasing attraction to foreign investment. 

He also addressed on the great importance of promoting bilateral economic cooperation of China and Belarus in the future. "China and Belarus enjoy good political relationship and increasing economic and trade cooperation, and a breakthrough has been achieved in the bilateral investment cooperation between China and Belarus in recent years", said Ambassador He, "there are unprecedented opportunities for participation by businesses of the two countries in each other's economic development and industrial restructuring with a view to economic leapfrogging, and the Chinese government will continue to support and encourage investments in Belarus by those Chinese businesses with good reputation and capability." 

Moreover, Ambassador He suggested that Belarus continue its efforts in improving its investment environment by refining its laws and policy regime and simplifying procedures for investment, import and export of commodities and entry and exit of people. 

Mr. Andrei V. Kobyakov, Deputy Prime Minister,who headed the Belarusian delegation attending the meeting, introduced a national perspective on the IPR and the implementation of its recommendations, and he also extended his highly appreciation for Ambassador He's speech.
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