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Fighting the COVID-19 Outbreak: Important Remarks by General Secretary Xi Jinping



On Mobilization Order to All CPC Members, Armed Forces and Chinese People


Human lives are paramount. The outbreak is a rallying call, and outbreak control is everyone’s responsibility. Party committees and governments at all levels must follow the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee, and mobilize all sectors of society, make methodical arrangements and step up work across the board. People’s health and life is our top priority, and epidemic prevention and control the most important task. With confidence, unity, science-based approach and targeted response, we will win the battle against the outbreak.

—Remarks at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, 25 January


Under the unified command of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission and with their character as the people’s military firmly in mind, the entire PLA must act quickly to take on more responsibilities, meet tough challenges head on, and actively support epidemic control efforts. The PLA is entrusted with treating patients at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan. This shows that the Party and people have great trust in the military. To live up to the trust and fulfill its mission, the PLA must strengthen organization and guidance, intensify coordination with civilian authorities, provide science-based treatment and ensure sound self-protection. The relevant military hospitals must do their best in treating patients and the PLA research institutes must strive for scientific breakthroughs, so as to contribute to our victory over the outbreak.

—Instructions to the armed forces on outbreak prevention and control, 29 January


In the fight against the outbreak, problems such as formalities for formalities’ sake and bureaucratism have been reported in some localities. At such a critical moment, it is all the more important to have a clear chain of command and make unified arrangements. Community-level officials need to focus on front-line work, instead of being burdened or distracted by unnecessary formalities and bureaucratism. The fight is an opportunity for testing and evaluating the performance of officials. Those who fail to do their job or make a mess of their job, or who lack drive or ability must be held accountable without delay and removed from office immediately in serious cases.

—Remarks at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, 3 February


It is important to improve legislation on epidemic prevention and control, strengthen supporting mechanisms, refine penalty procedures, and enhance public security protection, with the aim of building a legal framework that is well conceived, procedure-based and efficiently functioning. It is also important to strictly enforce laws and regulations on epidemic containment and emergency response, strengthen risk assessment, make prudent and law-based decisions, and implement control measures in strict accordance with law in order to resolutely prevent the spread of the outbreak.

—Remarks at the third meeting of the Central Commission for Overall Law-based Governance, 5 February


Communities are the first line of defense in our comprehensive response to the outbreak, and also the most effective defense against the importation of cases and intra-city transmission. Hold this line, and we can cut off the routes of transmission. All sub-national governments should leverage the full role of communities in containing the outbreak, channel resources to them, and see that all response measures are implemented to the full. All communities must become impregnable fortresses in the fight against the outbreak. Performance in the outbreak response will be seen as a test of the efficacy of the “stay true to the CPC’s founding mission” campaign and also its extension. Primary-level CPC organizations must provide political guidance and Party members must play an exemplary role. In this way, all residents will be mobilized and build a line of defense against the outbreak.

Outbreak control is a tough struggle to ensure the health and life of the people. Party committees and governments at all levels must resolutely act on the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and implement the response measures to the fullest extent and down to the last detail. Party and government officials at all levels must take charge of front-line efforts and step up to their responsibilities. Party members and officials must operate in the front-line, hold the ground, meet their responsibilities and dedicate themselves fully to each and every task and dimension of outbreak response. A major challenge like this is a good opportunity to evaluate the performance of officials. Those with outstanding performance should be commended, awarded and assigned more important roles. Those who act in a perfunctory manner, shirk responsibilities and play blame games must be held accountable without leniency. We must mobilize and rely on the people, and unite as one to win the people’s war against the epidemic.

—Remarks during an inspection of outbreak control efforts in Beijing, 10 February


Medical workers are the mainstay in defeating the disease. It is critical to protect them, care for them and give them full support so that they can stay strong and healthy and focus on fighting the outbreak with full energy and high spirits.

—Instructions on protecting and caring for medical workers, 19 February


While fully recognizing the gains we have made so far, we must remain sober-minded that the epidemic dynamics remains fluid and complex, and our fight is at a most demanding stage. At this moment, it is imperative to guard against any tendency to let down our guard, become weary, take chances or slacken efforts. Otherwise, we will face serious consequences and risk all previous gains. Party committees and governments at all levels must continue to make unremitting efforts with confidence and resolve to implement all prevention and control measures to the fullest extent. No victory can be declared until the virus is completely defeated.

As strong wind reveals the strength of grass, demanding missions test the loyalty of officials. Whether a decisive victory can be clinched in this all-out, people’s war against the epidemic is a major test for Party organizations, members and officials at all levels. Party organizations at all levels must take charge and, in particular, ensure solid implementation of the decisions and plans made by the CPC Central Committee down to the last detail. Let the Party flags fly high on the front-line of the fight against the epidemic.

To know whether an official is politically solid, one has to see if he is dependable at crucial moments. Only those who can rise to the occasion and lead the charge in the face of danger are to be called “true Communists”. We must harden our resolve (like bamboos taking deep roots), make tenacious efforts (as if revenging an arch enemy) and devote ourselves fully to defeating the epidemic. We must take a problem-oriented approach, sort through problems that hinder our response at various levels, remove them one by one, and truly implement all response measures.

—Remarks at a meeting on implementing coordinated steps to fight the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure economic and social development, 23 February

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