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Working Together to Address the New Threat of Terrorism--Statement by Wang Yi At the UN Security Council Summit on Terrorism

Statement by H.E. Wang Yi
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
At the UN Security Council Summit on Terrorism

New York, 24 September 2014

Mr. President,

China supports the convocation of the UN Security Council Summit on Terrorism as well as the resolution adopted by the Security Council today. This resolution, which reflects the common will of the international community, should be implemented effectively and in a comprehensive and balanced manner.

Mr. President,

Terrorists defy the fundamental human rights and challenge the bottom line of human civilization. As such, they are the common enemy of all mankind.

Thirteen years ago, Al-Qaeda launched the 9/11 attacks in this very city. The incident shocked the entire world and took away over 3,000 innocent lives.

Since the end of last year, the East Turkistan terrorists have instigated, orchestrated and carried out numerous violent attacks inside China and caused heavy casualties.

Mr. President,

At the moment, we are witnessing a resurgence of terrorism which deserves serious international attention and vigilance.

Wars breed anger. Killings yield hatred. Conflicts in the Middle East draw terrorists and extremists into the region from all over the world like a magnet. Once the flow is reversed, they will pose a serious threat to the security and stability of many countries, regions and indeed the world as a whole.

In this era of rising inter-connectivity, terrorist financing has become more covert and easier. International corridors have taken shape for terrorists and extremists to move around across the world. In the meantime, social media has become a battlefield for terrorist and extremist groups to instigate their ideology, a tool to plot terrorist attacks and a platform to recruit terrorists.

With progress of information technologies, some young people are susceptible to extreme ideas and demagogy by terrorist forces. We must stay alert, for terrorist organizations and extremist ideologies are competing with us for out future generations. This is, indeed, a battle bearing on the future of our world.

Mr. President,

With terrorism raising its ugly head once again, we must adhere to the practices that have been proven effective and abide by international law and norms governing international relations.

First, we must ensure sound coordination. The United Nations and its Security Council have to play the leading role in the global war on terrorism. This is the only way to maintain unity, achieve effective coordination and take concerted actions.

Second, we must adopt a multi-pronged approach. The global war on terrorism should be fought with an integrated approach that includes measures taken in the political, security, economic, financial, intelligence and ideological fields with a view to addressing both the symptoms and root causes of terrorism, especially removing its root causes and breeding ground. Military actions must comply with the UN Charter and the relevant Security Council resolutions.

Third, we must follow a consistent standard. Any act of terrorism, in whatever form, whenever and wherever it is committed, and whomever or whatever it is targeted against, must be fought. No double standards should be adopted, still less should terrorism be identified with any particular ethnic group or religion.

Mr. President,

Faced with the new trends and new developments of terrorism, we must come up with new thinking and new steps in response. In this connection, China wishes to propose the following:

First, we should step up information gathering and sharing. Full scope should be given to the advantages of the United Nations and relevant international institutions on such matters as establishing a counter-terrorism database and information exchange platform, so as to step up sharing of intelligence resources and intelligence analysis.

Second, we should strengthen counter-terrorism on the Internet. Resolute measures should be taken to stop the use of social media to spread extremist ideas, especially the releasing of audio and video materials of violence and terror. Internet companies and operators should exercise self-discipline. To this end, it is imperative to formulate as soon as possible a code of conduct for the global cyber industry. China will host the Symposium on Countering Terrorists' Use of the Internet within the framework of the Global Counter-terrorism Forum in Beijing later this year.

Third, we must block the channels of terrorist movement and financing of terrorism. All countries, particularly those adjacent to ongoing conflicts, ought to fulfill international obligations for effective border control. We must enhance cooperation in financial regulation, crack down on illegal underground banking activities, and block terrorist financing.

Fourth, we should promote de-radicalization. While taking actions in accordance with law to crack down on and outlaw venues and personnel that are engaged in advocating and spreading extremism, we should protect normal religious activities, promote public awareness, and give greater play to the role of local communities, thus injecting more positive energy in society. The United Nations should sum up the useful experience without delay and promote the best practices around the world.

Mr. President,

The Middle East countries are on the frontline of the war on terrorism. It is extremely important for these countries to work in unity and coordination, and to put aside their differences. China firmly supports the regional countries in their counter-terrorism efforts. We support Iraq in enhancing its counter-terrorism capacity-building, and we stand ready to strengthen our cooperation with various parties in intelligence sharing and personnel training. We will provide 60 million RMB yuan of emergency humanitarian assistance to Iraq, including its Kurdish region.

Mr. President,

Confronted with terrorism, all countries have found their destinies bound together. We have no choice but to work together to address this common threat. China has resolutely opposed all forms of terrorism and will continue to stand firm and participate in international cooperation against terrorism.

In the face of justice and unity, terrorism has no place to hide and will be thoroughly defeated.

Thank you.

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