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Chinese President Hu Jintao Meets with IOC President Jacques Rogge

On October 16, 2009, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in Jinan, Shandong.

President Hu welcomed Jacques Rogge to attend the 11th National Games of the People's Republic of China and congratulated him on his re-election as the president of the IOC.

Hu said that with the strong support of the International Olympic Committee and with the concerted efforts of the members in the international Olympic family, the Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing achieved a great success in August 2008. The success of the two Games carried forward the Olympic spirit, promoted the spread and development of the international Olympic movement, deepened the exchanges and cooperation between China and the international Olympic family, enhanced mutual understanding and friendship between the people of China and other countries in the world, and greatly stimulated the confidence and enthusiasm of the Chinese people to develop their motherland. Hu thanked Rogge for his contributions to the successful hosting of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Beijing. "China is willing to further strengthen cooperation and exchange with the International Olympic Committee, share the experience of hosting the Olympic Games with London and Rio de Janeiro, and make new contributions to the development of the international Olympic movement."

Hu said that after the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Beijing, China has actively applied the achievements of the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games for the promotion and development of the Olympic movement among the 1.3 billion Chinese people. China promulgated the National Fitness Regulations and fixed the 8th of August of each year as the "National Fitness Day", which is to protect the national fitness activities from a legislative perspective. This is not only for the sake of cultivating the fitness awareness and habits of the people and increasing the physical strength of the people, especially the youth, but also for the sake of carrying forward the Olympic spirit and supporting the development of the international Olympic movement.

Hu said that the current National Games coincided with the 50th anniversary of the national games of China. It is also the first national multi-sports games of China after the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Whether athletes, coaches, or the general public in Jinan, have devoted great deal of enthusiasm to the Games.

Rogge said that it was the third time for him to participate in the National Games of China, which demonstrated the strong vitality of China's sports. He thanked China for contributing to the entire Olympic movement and the world sports. China has not only held a successful Olympic Games, but also left great legacies to the world in terms of sports, environment and development. He praised China for the spread and development of national fitness activities and thanked China for the support to the Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro. He believed that China would play an important role in the success of the next two Olympic Games.

Liu Yunshan, Liu Yandong and other Chinese leaders were also present at the meeting.

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