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China's Relationship with the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO)
January 17-March 17, 2000, the 159th session of the ICAO Council was held in Montreal which held discussion on 48 topics. Chinese representative on the ICAO Council attended the session. Mr. Costa Pereira, the Secretary-General of ICAO at present, was re-elected to the post, whose new term began on August 1. At the session, it was agreed to establish Asmara flight information region by Eritrea. The session reviewed the Secretary-General's working paper on solving the problems in executing the plan of safety check, conducted in-depth research on enlarging the scope of the plan, adopted 6 amendment acts to supplementary documents in navigation, decided to hold a symposium on global aviation environment in early April, 2001 to prepare for the review of the issue at the 33rd Assembly of ICAO. Through the efforts made by the Chinese delegation, the Council agreed, once again after 1997, to appropriate US$60,000 from the remains of the miscellaneous income for the use of translating and publishing materials in Chinese.

November 13-17, the 37th session of the Directors of Civil Aviation of Asia Pacific countries was held in Wellington. Mr. Bao Peide, vice minister of the General Administration of the Chinese Civil Aviation, headed the Chinese delegation to attend the meeting. The meeting held discussion on reform on civil aviation management, aviation transportation, air navigation, aviation safety and security, etc. 15 articles for action were decided by the meeting to be implemented by the civil aviation administration of states concerned.

In 2001, China, as always, was an active participant in ICAO activities.

15 January 16 March   The 162nd session of the ICAO Council and meetings of ICAO subsidiaries bodies concerning legal, transport, fiscal and technical cooperation were held in Montreal and addressed a total of 54 agenda items, which included triennial budget, revision of fiscal rules, aviation safety and security, new navigation system, legal framework of CNS/ATM, aviation environment, safety supervision auditing etc.

28 May  28 June   The 163rd ICAO Council session was convened in Montreal. The session deliberated on and adopted budget proposal 2002-2004, and ICAO fiscal rules as amended, approved the establishment of "International Aviation Safety Fund", passed amendment acts to supplementary documents in navigation ("Aviation Vehicle Noise" of "Environment Protection" vol. 1 of supplement 16 to the Chicago Convention) for the seventh time. Thanks to China's effort made at the meeting, the proposed budget item of more extensive use of the Chinese language was adopted along with the overall budget proposal.

25 September ? 5 October   The 33rd ICAO Assembly was convened in Montreal. Over 1100 representatives and observers form 168 countries were present. Bao Peide, vice chairman of CAAC attended the assembly. Both HKSAR and MSAR representatives were also included in the Chinese delegation. The assembly re-elected ICAO Council members, adopted resolution strongly condemning the abuse of civil aviation as weapon of destruction in acts of terrorism, decided to continue and expand the navigation safety supervision auditing program. In addition, agreements were reached on environment, legal issues and budget. China was re-elected second category member of the council by a vote of 147 in favor.

5-9 November   The 38th Asia Pacific regional civil aviation chiefs' meeting was held in Seoul. Liu Jianfeng, chairman of CAAC head the Chinese delegation. The meeting dwelt on major issues including the economy, administration, rules and regulations regarding the airport and air area, aviation security tightening since the "September 11th" attack, navigation program and its enforcement, aviation safety, air transportation. Ten articles for action were adopted and all the regional civil aviation administrations were called on to enforce them.

19 November   At the 2nd meeting of the 164th ICAO Council session, Dr. Asad Codet, the incumbent president was re-elected. A Lebanese, he has been holding this position since 1976.
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