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China's Relationship with the Universal Postal Union(UPU)

On March 1, 1914, China joined in the International Postal Union. In April of 1951, the legitimate seat of China in UPU was usurped. On April 13, 1972, UPU adopted a resolution to restore the legitimate seat to China. In November 1972, China, as the member of UPU Council of Postal Research and Consultation, attended the annual meeting of the said Council in Berne. Since then, China has participated in UPU Congresses from 1974-1994 by fulfilling relevant procedures laid down by UPU. China has been elected as the vice chairs of the Congress for four times and as member of the Postal Operations Council twice. China has also been elected to the Council of Administration except for just one term and acted as the vice chairs of the Council twice. By the Seoul Congress in 1994, China has signed all existing legal documents of UPU. On August 23, 1999, the 22nd UPU Congress was held in Beijing.

Since 2000, China's relationship with UPU has been furthered and the scope of bilateral exchange and cooperation has been enlarged. Since the hosting of the 22nd UPU Congress in 1999, China has played a more important role in the world postal area. As the Chair of the Executive Council of UPU, China is making positive, practical and fruitful efforts in promoting the undertakings of UPU, which is widely acclaimed by all member states.

May 1-12, the session of UPU Postal Operations Council was held in Switzerland. The State Post Bureau of China sent delegation to the meeting where Chinese delegates held discussion with other members on major issues in postal undertaking, the tasks and structure of UPU, the opening up of postal organizations and general postal service, etc.

September 12-18, the 8th Congress of Asia Pacific Postal Union was held in Tehran, Iran. The Congress reviewed such issues as amending regulations of the Union, the moving of the headquarters of the organization and establishing Asia Pacific post cooperative institution and laying down its working constitution. The State Post Bureau sent delegation to attend the meeting and put forward constructive proposals to the discussion.

October 3, Mr. Liu Liqing, Postmaster-General of the State Post Bureau of China, headed the Chinese delegation to attend the World Postal Strategy Symposium 2000 sponsored by UPU and other organizations in Geneva and he made a speech at the opening ceremony.

October 11-20, the 2000 annual meeting of the Council of Administration of UPU was held in Geneva. The meeting reviewed such topics as the reform and development of UPU and the structural reform within the international bureau of UPU. Mr. Huang Guozhong, Director-General of the Department of the international cooperation of the State Post Bureau chaired the meeting in the capacity of the Chairman of the Council.

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