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Vice Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng Meets with Representatives of Overseas Compatriots Who Are Invited to Attend the Fifth Session of the 11th CPPCC National Committee as Observers

On March 9, 2012, Vice Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng met with 40 representatives of overseas compatriots from 25 countries, who were invited to attend the Fifth Session of the11th CPPCC National Committee as observers, at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing.

Xie Hangsheng briefed the representatives on the current domestic situation, cross-strait relations, and China's diplomatic work. He extended heartfelt thanks to the overseas compatriots for their contributions to advancing China's modernization drive, promoting China's peaceful reunification and increasing the exchanges and cooperation between China and the countries where they live. He expressed the hope that the compatriots could continue to carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, live in harmony with the local people, and play an exemplary role in advancing the relations between China and the countries where they live and carrying forward the Chinese culture.

The representatives spoke highly of China's development achievements, saying that they would continue to play an active role in advancing China's development and progress and promoting the exchanges between China and the countries where they live.

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