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Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu attended the G20 Foreign Ministers Informal Meeting

From February 19 to 20, 2012, the G20 Foreign Ministers Informal Meeting was held in Los Cabos, Mexico, focusing on global governance issues. Mr. Ma Zhaoxu, Assistant Minister of Foreign affairs of China, participated in this meeting.

Talking about G20 and global governance, Mr. Ma said it was advisable that the G20 should show the importance it attached to multilateralism and democratization in international relations. Based on the leaders' consensus, the G20 should focus on global economic governance.

In terms of addressing global challenges, Ma stressed that the biggest and most pressing global challenge that is most in need of action is the instability of world economic recovery. If the G20 can continue to work closely together for win-win outcomes and focus on growth and stability, that would be the biggest G20 contribution to the international efforts to address global challenges. To this end, the G20 should continue to pay attention to the sovereign debt of developed economies while implementing relevant agreement at the Cannes Summit; push for progress in the reform of the international financial and monetary system, while striving to translate into action the decisions on IMF quota and governance reform; combat trade protectionism and meanwhile advance the Doha Development Agenda; place importance on global development issues with the aim of addressing the north-south development gap.

As Ma pointed out, the Cannes Summit decided that G20 would strengthen cooperation with non-members including the United Nations. China hopes that the G20 could strengthen geometry to enhance its representation, equality and effectiveness and fully listen to the opinions and concerns of non-members, Ma noted.

The above informal Meeting also discussed issues like green growth and sustainable development. Ma said that both green growth and sustainable development are in essence development issues. Neither of them would be possible without eradicating poverty and safeguarding the development right and space of developing countries. International cooperation on sustainable development should rally around the leadership of the United Nations, reflect the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities", and accommodate the concerns of developing countries.


On the margins of the meeting, Ma met with Mexican Vice Foreign Minister Ms. Lourdes Aranda and State Minister of Foreign Affairs of UK, Mr. Jeremy Browne.

This informal meeting was initiated by Mexican Foreign Minister Amb. Patricia Espinosa, with all G20 members as well as the chair countries of African union, ASEAN, and Latin American and Caribbean Community being invited. Foreign Ministers of US, Germany, Spain, South Africa and Turkey etc., together with representatives of foreign ministers from some other countries, attended the meeting.

H.E. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of Mexico, delivered a speech at the meeting.

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