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Wang Qishan Meets with Premier of British Columbia of Canada Christy Clark

On February 16, 2012, visiting Vice Premier of the State Council Wang Qishan met in Vancouver with Christy Clark, Premier of the Province of British Columbia (BC), Canada.

Wang told Clark that China-Canada relations have developed soundly in recent years. The two countries enjoy ever deepening political mutual trust, widening economic and trade cooperation and vigorous cultural exchanges, which has benefited the two peoples. Regional cooperation forms the important foundation of bilateral ties. China attaches great importance to strengthening the cooperation and exchanges between provinces and cities of the two countries.

He said that among Canadian provinces BC is closest to China and has the longest relations with China and a high concentration of overseas Chinese. It boasts exceptional advantages of conducting bilateral cooperation. For many years, China's cooperation with BC in the fields of economy and trade, science and technology, culture, education and tourism has been very productive. The two sides should seize opportunities to boost cooperation on agriculture, forestry, fishery, energy and minerals, investment and infrastructure and promote the development of China-Canada strategic partnership.

Clark noted that China's development and prosperity create significant opportunities for Canada. BC thinks highly of the bilateral cooperation with China. BC is implementing the Asia Pacific Gateway Program and looks forward to deepening cooperation and broadening contacts with China for more win-win results.

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