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Chairman Wu Bangguo Meets with the Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On the morning of September 26, 2011, local time, Chairman Wu Bangguo of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, who was paying an official visit to Kazakhstan, met with Speaker Kairat Mami of the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament at the compound of the senate.

Wu firstly sent his congratulations upon the 20th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan. He spoke positively of the tremendous achievements Kazakhstan has made in economic and social undertakings and expressed confidence that under the leadership of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the people of Kazakhstan are able to build their country even better.

Wu said that China-Kazakh relations are in the best period in history, with high-level contacts getting closer, the political trust being deepened and pragmatic cooperation growing fast. The cooperation on big projects is moving forward smoothly. The people-to-people exchanges are full of highlights. The two countries work closely within multilateral frameworks such as the United Nations and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to jointly respond to regional and global challenges. Kazakhstan is an important partner of China in the Eurasian region. Developing a long-term and stable Sino-Kazakh strategic partnership in an all-round manner is a strategic choice made by the two countries based on the common interests of both countries and peoples. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries and the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good-Neighborly Friendship and Cooperation. China will, in line with the principles and spirits of the treaty, continue to enhance mutual political trust with the Kazakh side, enrich cooperation contents and promote common development for greater benefits of the two peoples.

Speaking of parliamentary exchanges, Wu said that the in-depth development of Sino-Kazakh relations has provided a broader space for bilateral parliamentary cooperation and has raised new and higher requirements as well. China's NPC attaches importance to developing friendly relations with the upper and lower houses of the Kazakh parliament. He hoped that the two sides give full play to the functions of the parliaments and the characteristics of parliamentary exchanges, strengthen friendly exchanges, and make a positive contribution to the relationship between the two countries from the parliamentary dimension. First, the two countries should continue to render each other firm support on major issues concerning each other's core interests and consolidate the political foundation for bilateral relations. China thanked the Kazakh side for giving valuable support to China on the issues related to Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang, the fight against the "three forces" and other issues. China will continue to support the development path chosen by the Kazakh side according to its own situation and the domestic and foreign policies the Kazakh side pursues. China will continue to support the Kazakh side to play a greater role in regional and international affairs. Second, the two countries should strengthen communication and mutual learning. China and Kazakhstan have accumulated their unique development experiences in their respective development courses. The two sides should strengthen exchanges of experience in the management of state affairs, legislative oversight and other aspects and select topics of mutual interest to engage in substantive dialogues and serve their domestic development needs. Third, the two countries should promote pragmatic cooperation. The two sides should, in line with the real needs of the rapid development of Sino-Kazakh trade and economic cooperation, formulate and improve the laws governing investment protection, labor cooperation and other aspects in a timely manner so as to provide legal guarantee for pragmatic cooperation and promote trade and investment facilitation. The two sides should urge relevant departments to step up efforts to implement the consensus and agreements that have been reached, intensify efforts to promote cooperation in key areas such as energy, mining, non-resource, technological innovation and serve a bridge for the enterprises of the two countries. Fourth, the two sides should actively promote local cooperation. The parliaments should leverage their advantages in talents, information and connections and do more practical things for local cooperation, especially the cooperation in border areas. Fifth, the two sides should strengthen coordination in multilateral parliamentary organizations such as the World Conference of Speakers of Parliaments and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), safeguard common interests, and create a favorable external environment for the development of the two countries.

Mami warmly responded to Wu's comments on bilateral relations and proposals on strengthening parliamentary cooperation. He said that Sino-Kazakh cooperation at the bilateral and multilateral levels was productive and reached the height of strategic partnership. President Nursultan Nazarbayev and President Hu Jintao had a successful exchange of visits in the year and they pointed out the direction for bilateral relations. In this context, the first visit by the Chairman of China's National People's Congress to Kazakhstan is of great significance, marking a new stage for parliamentary relations between the two countries. The Senate of the Kazakh Parliament will take this visit as an opportunity to further strengthen friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation with China's NPC and make unremitting efforts for the development of Sino-Kazakh relations.

After the talks, Chairman Wu and Speaker Mami jointly met with the reporters.

In the afternoon, Chairman Wu Bangguo and Kazakh First Deputy Prime Minister Umirzak Shukeyev attended the signing ceremony of 5 economic and trade agreements between China and Kazakhstan.

In the evening, Speaker Mami held a welcome banquet for Chairman Wu.

On the same day, Chairman Wu Bangguo also met in the hotel where he stayed with the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan, overseas Chinese, Chinese students studying in Kazakhstan and the representatives from Chinese-funded enterprises attending the China-Kazakhstan business forum.

Li Jianguo, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the NPC Standing Committee and other officials also attended the above activities.

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