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Wu Bangguo Meets with Secretary of Almaty Maslikhat

On the afternoon of September 24, 2011 local time, visiting Chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC) Wu Bangguo met in the hotel where he stayed with secretary of Almaty Maslikhat Mukashev.

Wu expressed pleasure of starting his visit to Kazakhstan from Almaty. He said that China and Kazakhstan enjoy sound relations and high-level political mutual trust, pragmatic cooperation, cultural exchanges and international collaboration. As an important part of state relations, local cooperation between the two countries has shown a good momentum of development. Almaty is the economic, financial and cultural center of Kazakhstan and is also in the forefront of cooperating with China. Its exchanges and cooperation with China's Xinjiang, Hubei, Tianjin, Chongqing and other places are very effective and have made positive contributions to the progress of China-Kazakhstan relations. A major purpose of this visit is to promote the China-Kazakhstan pragmatic cooperation, including the local cooperation, enhance friendship between the people and consolidate the social foundation of the bilateral relations. He hopes Almaty takes full advantage of its unique location and strong comprehensive strength to further expand the friendly exchanges with relevant Chinese regions, increase the level of cooperation and inject new vitality into the state relations.

On behalf of the government, maslikhat and people of Almaty, Mukashev extended warm welcome to Wu. He said that Almaty, being adjacent to China, has had frequent friendly exchanges and close economic and trade cooperation with China. He has strong interest and confidence in the future cooperation between the two sides.

In the afternoon, Wu Bangguo also met in the hotel with the staffs of Chinese Consulate General in Almaty and the representatives of Chinese-funded institutions, overseas Chinese and Chinese students. Li Jianguo, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the NPC Standing Committee also attended the meeting.

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