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President Xi Jinping Receives Key to Mexico City

On June 5, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping received the Key to Mexico City presented by Mayor Miguel Mancera in Mexico City, capital of Mexico.

The presentation was held in the city hall. Xi Jinping took from Mancera the Key to Mexico City, along with the medal and Honorary Citizen certificate.

On behalf of the citizens of Mexico City, Mancera welcomed Xi Jinping's visit to the city. He said Mexico City have carried out friendly exchanges with Chinese cities. Mexico City admires China's rapid development and hopes that the two sides will intensify exchanges and cooperation and learn from each other to jointly tackle the problems and challenges of modern cities and promote common development.

Extending his sincere greetings and best wishes to the citizens of Mexico City, Xi Jinping said, I was presented the Key of the City. It embodies the friendship of the Mexican people to the Chinese people. Mexico City is a witness to the friendly exchanges between China and Mexico. When former Mexican President Luis Echeverría visited China in the 1970s, one of the entrepreneurs in his delegation showed strong interest for the elm trees along the streets in Beijing. As a token of friendship, the then Premier Zhou Enlai presented him a number of elm saplings as a gift. From then on, those saplings have taken root in Mexico and grown into huge towering trees. The road lined with those elm trees was named "Zhou Enlai Boulevard". This is a vivid illustration of the development of China-Mexico friendship, growing from a sprouting sapling into a luxuriant and deep-rooted tree. Hope that Mexico City will boost exchanges and cooperation with Chinese provinces and cities and contribute to the promotion of the development of China-Mexico ties.

Prior to the presentation ceremony, Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan met and had friendly chat with Mancera.

Xi Jinping said exchanges at local levels are an integral part of China-Mexico relations. Mexico City serves as the window for friendly cooperation between the two countries. It is one of Beijing's sister cities and part of the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Hope the two sides will strengthen exchanges over their experience in urban development and management to enrich the two countries' comprehensive strategic partnership.

Mancera said the citizens of Mexico City are glad to see the important achievements of President Xi Jinping's visit. Mexico City is willing to step up economic cooperation and cultural exchanges with the Chinese side, particularly youth exchanges, and welcomes investments and tourists from China.

Peng Liyuan, Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu and Yang Jiechi were present at the related activities.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City, Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Mexico City, municipal government officials and representatives of the local communities were present at the ceremony.

In the morning of the same day, President Xi Jinping's wife Peng Liyuan, accompanied by the wife of Mexican President Angelica Rivera, visited the TV series production center of the Mexican broadcaster Televisa. Peng Liyuan listened to the briefing by the chief of the TV station, asking about the producing process of TV series, and watched the shooting of TV series in the studios. She shook hands and talked with the actors and actresses, praised them for their wonderful performances. Peng Liyuan said that Mexican TV series were popular in China in the 1980s. As China now produces a great number of TV series , the two countries can step up communication and cooperation in this field. Peng Liyuan also enjoyed the performance of young Mexican singers.

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