Chinese Mission Spokesperson Liu Yuyin refutes the erroneous remarks related to China by Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs during the 45th Human Rights Council


On September 14, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Ms. Marise Payne delivered a video message at the Human Rights Council, in which she made groundless accusations and blatant smear against China in disregard of facts and truth. China hereby expresses its firm opposition and categorical rejection.


Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and thanks to the joint efforts of Chinese people of all ethnic groups, tremendous achievements has been made in economic and social development and human rights in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The legitimate rights of people of all ethnic communities are fully guaranteed and they live a life of equality, unity, harmony and tranquility. More than 1,000 foreign diplomats, officials of international organizations, journalists and religious personages have visited Xinjiang and seen with their own eyes stability, prosperity and development in Xinjiang and the happy life of people of various ethnic groups.


It is the innate responsibility and right of every State to safeguard national security. The legislation for the Hong Kong SAR to safeguard national security enacted by China in accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law, plugs in the loopholes existing in national security legislation for the Hong Kong SAR, effectively safeguard national sovereignty and security of China and ensure the prosperity and stability in the Hong Kong SAR. This is no different than what Australia and other countries have done. The legislation has clear provisions on respect and protection of human rights. The legitimate rights and freedoms enjoyed by the Hong Kong citizens will not be affected. The accusations made by the Australian side are utterly groundless.


What Australia has done on human rights is of typical double standards. If Australia does care about human rights, it should address its own human rights problems in the first place, namely, guarantee the rights of refugees, migrants and indigenous people, close its offshore migrants detention centers, and take serious measures to protect the safety of life and property of its people during the mega-blaze. If Australia truly cares about human rights, it should keep a watchful eye on the widespread racial discrimination, police brutality and social inequality of its allies, and support the implementation of relevant resolutions of the Human Rights Council. Apparently though, what Australia has done in no way conforms with its self-claimed profile of “human rights defender”.


The Chinese government has unwavering resolve to safeguard its sovereignty, security and development interests. No forces could shake the determination of the Chinese government to safeguard national sovereignty and security, nor could they stop the Chinese people from pursuing a happy life. We urge Australia to refrain from double standards, confrontation and exerting public pressures on others, and halt interfering in other’s internal affairs. Australia is advised to look squarely at and rectify its own human rights drawbacks, uphold truly international human rights dialogue and cooperation and together with other countries, contribute to the steady development of international human rights cause.