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Statement of Ambassador LIU Zhenmin on the UPR of Pakistan

Madame President,

China welcomes the presence of Foreign Minister Hina Khar and members of Parliament of Pakistan at our meeting today, which fully demonstrates the importance Pakistan attaches to this UPR exercise.

We would like to congratulate and commend Pakistan for the remarkable achievements in promoting and protecting human rights. Since its last Universal Periodic Review, Pakistan has strengthened its national human rights institutions and ratified international human rights instruments. It has also actively taken legislative and administrative measures to advance the rights of women and children, to strengthen its education and public health systems and to promote the harmony of different religious groups. Pakistan is committed to strengthen its social welfare system to meet the basic needs of the poor. Moreover, as the coordinator of OIC, Pakistan has contributed actively to international dialogues and cooperation in the field of human rights.

As a developing country and a country at the frontline of counter-terrorism, Pakistan still faces lots of challenges in promoting human rights. We would also like to recommend to the Government of Pakistan to continue its efforts to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable economic and social development so as to allow its people to better enjoy all human rights.

Thank you, Madame President.

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