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Statement by Ambassador Liu Zhenmin during the Interactive Dialogue with the Commission of Inquiry on the situation in Syria at the 21st Session of the Human Rights Council

Madame President,

The Chinese Delegation has taken note of the report submitted by the Commission of Inquiry on the issue of the Syrian Arab Republic. We are deeply worried by the deteriorating situation in Syria. China rejects and condemns all forms of terrorism and acts of violence against innocent civilians. We have always advocated political dialogues as the only correct way to solve the Syrian crisis, since a military solution will only bring greater disasters to its people. We call on all parties in Syria to put an immediate and complete end to violence and to embark at once on inclusive political dialogues without any pre-conditions or any pre-conceived outcome, with the view to agreeing through consultations on a comprehensive and detailed road map and timetable for reforms to be implemented without any delay. China will take a positive and open attitude towards any solution that is acceptable to all parties in Syria. A process of political transition in Syria must be led by the Syrian people, rather than being imposed from outside.

Relevant parties of the international community should genuinely respect Syria's independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, and respect the right of its people to freely choose their political system and development path by creating conditions for all the political factions in Syria to engage in dialogues through necessary and constructive assistance and by respecting the outcome of such dialogues. The most urgent task for all parties concerned is to intensify their support to the diplomatic mediations undertaken by the Joint Special Representative, Mr. Brahimi, and to call upon relevant parties in Syria to immediately cease fire and violence and to implement relevant Security Council resolutions, Annan's "six-point proposal" as well as the communique of the foreign minister meeting of the Action Group on the Syrian issue, so as to immediately start and push forward a Syrian-led political transition. China is not in favour of any armed intervention in Syria, or any attempt to impose a "regime change". We maintain that sanctions or threat of sanction are not conducive to a proper solution of the issue.

China has always taken an objective, fair and responsible attitude on the Syrian issue and made unremitting efforts to push ahead negotiations and communicated with all parties concerned in a balanced and impartial manner with the aim of seeking a political solution of the issue. Our point of departure is to safeguard the purposes and principles of the UN Charter as well as the basic norms governing international relations, including the principles of sovereign equality and non-interference in internal affairs. We are convinced that safeguarding those principles fully accords with the interests of the Syrian people and Arab countries, as well as the interests of all countries, especially the small and medium-sized countries. We are following with great attention the humanitarian situation in Syria and have provided humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, including Syrian refugees outside the country. At the same time, politicization of humanitarian issues must be avoided and humanitarian relief efforts should never be militarized.

China stands ready to work with the international community in common effort to seek a just, peaceful and appropriate solution to the Syrian issue which will guarantee the fundamental interests of the Syrian people and contribute to maintaining peace and stability in the Middle East. We also hope our discussions on the Syrian issue in this Council will contribute to reducing tensions on the ground and giving impetus to a process leading to a political solution of the issue.

Thank you, Madame President.

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