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China to provide emergency food aid to famine-plagued Horn of Africa

China is extending helping hands to the Horn of Africa which is plagued by a severe drought and mass famine. The Chinese Government has decided to provide 443.2 million RMB yuan worth of emergency food assistance to disaster-hit countries through bilateral and multilateral channels, helping people in need.

On July 27, the Chinese government announced a package of emergency food aid of 90 million RMB yuan. The amount includes 50 million RMB yuan to Ethiopia, 30 million RMB yuan to Kenya, 10 million RMB yuan to Djibouti.

On August 15, Premier Wen Jiabao announced additional aid of 353.2 million RMB yuan worth of aid to affected African countries while meeting with visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. The World Food Program, the food aid branch of the UN, will use 103.2 million RMB yuan ( $16 million) in cash from China's aid to buy and distribute food in Somalia. The remaining amount includes 100 million RMB yuan for Ethiopia and Kenya, 50 million RMB yuan to Djibouti respectively.

China's Red Cross Society last Wednesday also decided to donate 8 million RMB yuan for emergency humanitarian aid. 2 million RMB yuan will go to Kenya through the country's Red Cross organization and another 2 million for Ethiopia, while the other 4 million will help other countries in the region through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Supplies will start arriving at the end of August.

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