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Statement of the Chinese Delegation during Interactive Dialogue with the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria at the 22nd Session of the Human Rights Council

Mr. President,

The Chinese delegation has taken note of the report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria and is concerned about the deteriorating situation in Syria. China pays great attention to the humanitarian situation in Syria and condemns all violence against civilians. The most pressing issue for the international community is to urge all parties in Syria to stop fighting and violence, and to facilitate international humanitarian assistance, so as to avoid further deterioration of the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

China has always maintained that the Syrian crisis can only be resolved through political means. The realization of a Syrian-led political transition on the basis of the Geneva Communiqué reflects the consensus of the international community and is the practical way out of the current crisis. Relevant parties should urge the Syrian government and opposition groups to start political dialogue as soon as possible, and to try to resolve issues including the formulation of a roadmap for political transition and the establishment of an interim governing body, in a view to finding a solution which can fully reflect the will of the Syrian people and is acceptable to all relevant parties in Syria.

China calls upon the Human Rights Council to play a constructive role in promoting a political settlement of the Syria issue.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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