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Statement of China Delegation in the Interactive Dialogue with Special Rappoartur on human rights situation in DPRK

Mr President,

The Chinese delegation has taken note of the report submitted by Mr Darusman on the human rights situation in DPRK.

China has always maintained that differences in human rights area should, appropriately, be addressed through constructive dialogue and cooperation. China believes that consideration by the Human Rights Council of the human rights situation in DPRK should contribute to the constructive dialogue with DPRK and effective improvement in the human rights and humanitarian situation on the ground. It should also be conducive to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and improvement in the security situation in Northeast Asia.

Given the sensitive and complicated nature of the current situation on the Korean Peninsula, Human Rights Council should avoid taking actions on human rights situation in DPRK that might exacerbate confrontation with the country concerned or escalate the situation on the Peninsula. China is opposed to setting up an international Commission of Inquiry by the Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in DPRK. China believes that such a move would not be conducive to improving human rights situation in the country through dialogue and cooperation. It also depletes the precious resources of the Council.

Thank you, Mr President.

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