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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Sun Zhenyu at Sixth session on Aid for Trade in the CTD
Mr. Chairman,

China highly appreciates the efforts by Director-General and the Secretariat in promoting Aid for Trade initiative for the past two years. We would also like to thank Director-General for his statement on the 2008 Aid for Trade roadmap, which provides us with a clear guidance on this very important work in 2008.

Last year's Aid for Trade program was very successful. There has been wide participation by Members and International organizations as well as NGOs. We believe it is important to keep the momentum and make the program more operational and bring real benefits to developing countries. We support your plan to have more regional reviews, in order to identify priorities and better meet the needs for developing countries.

China, being a developing country still facing a lot of development challenges while benefiting from foreign assistance, fully understands the similar difficulties confronting other developing countries in their pursuit of development. And China has been making its utmost efforts bilaterally to provide assistance, to the best of our ability, to other developing countries, particularly the least developed countries (LDCs). We also attach great importance to the Aid for Trade initiative and have been very actively participating in relevant activities ever since its commencement.

Besides what China has been doing both multilaterally and bilaterally in various forms, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that the Chinese government decides to donate US$200,000 within the framework of Aid for Trade as our new contribution to mutual assistance among developing countries. This donation demonstrates China's sincere willingness to engage in the joint efforts of this Organization under common and differentiated responsibilities to push for developmental goals and the strengthening of the multilateral trading system.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

(25 February 2008)
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