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Statement by H. E. Ambassador Sun Zhenyu at the General Council Meeting
Thank you, Mr. Chairman,

First of all, let me join the previous speakers in expressing our thanks to the Chairman of the TNC for his report. We share very much his view on the situation of the negotiations and agree with the roadmap he outlined.

Mr. Chairman, regarding the process of making a breakthrough around Easter, we believe that texts from Chairs of various negotiating bodies could serve the best way to help accelerate the process of negotiations. We particularly look forward to the forthcoming revised texts by the AG and NAMA Chairs and hope that they could better reflect the interests of all Members, particularly the developing ones. We believe that those two issues should be dealt with earnestly. Meanwhile, it should be underlined that all the Chairs of the negotiating bodies should speed up their work and try to narrow the divergence as much as possible. The principle of inclusiveness and transparency and bottom-up approach are particularly crucial at this period. We believe that the deal is doable before the end of this year and we must make all efforts possible to achieve that objective.

Thank you Mr. Chairman

(5 February, 2008)
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