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China's Stand on South-South Cooperation
The developing countries having more than 80% of the world's population are vast in area, rich in resources and abundant in varied products. With huge market potential and special features of their development models, they may support one another and draw on each other's strong points to achieve common development for mutual benefit. The increase of their overall economic strength in recent years has enhanced the possibility and opportunities for their cooperation. South-South cooperation boasts a broad prospect and gigantic potentiality and constitutes an important and indispensable component of bilateral and multilateral international cooperation. But the national conditions and economic development between the developing countries are not quite the same. They generally suffer from a weak foundation and inadequate development fund. This situation has brought about some difficulties for the further expansion of South-South cooperation. We are of the view that the developing countries should proceed from a strategic height, probe actively and intensively new channels and ways for cooperation, safeguard their common interests to the fullest possible extent and join hands in coping with challenges brought about by economic globalization.

The numerous developing countries should strengthen solidarity, closely cooperate in international affairs and coordinate with each other. They should take an active part in formulating the "rules of the game" in international economic field, propel the reform of the international economic, financial and trade systems and strive to win over the right to equal development. They should, on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, actively develop external economic and trade, scientific and technological and cultural cooperation to accelerate their own development. Only through uniting themselves, can the developing countries elevate their position in the South-North dialogue and preserve their own interests to the fullest possible extent in the process of globalization.

As a member of the developing countries, China is ready to develop extensive and in-depth cooperation in economic, scientific and technological, educational and cultural fields on the basis of the principles of equality and mutual benefit, emphasis on results, varied forms and common development. China stands ready to offer assistance within its capacity to developing countries having difficulties. Although China's aid is limited, it is provided sincerely and without any conditions attached.

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