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Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan Gives a Press Conference during the Annual NPC Session(06/03/2002)
On the afternoon of March 6, Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan gave a press conference during the 5th session of the 9th NPC and answered questions from Chinese and foreign correspondents on issues concerning Chinese foreign policy and international situation.

Q: (Xinhua News Agency) After the September 11th Incident, the international situation has undergone profound changes. Do you believe that peace and development remain the two major themes for the present time? And how do you envisage China's foreign affairs in the Year 2002 under the present circumstances?

A: The September 11th Incident has made it more evident that in the international situation, uncertain factors are on the rise and threats posed by non-traditional security problems loom larger, thus making the international security situation grim and complicated. However, because world balance of power has not fundamentally changed and the Incident has not altered the basic world pattern and major trend of development in the international situation, peace and development remain the themes of the present times. And as far as China is concerned, in our international environment, we still face more opportunities than challenges. Multi-polarization continues to develop despite twists and turns and it remains the common aspiration of people of all countries to pursue peace, cooperation and development. At present and in the days to come, we will see such features in the international situation. That is overall peace, relaxation and stability as well as local turmoil, tension and turbulence.

Let me briefly comment on what we have done over the past year. On China's diplomatic front, we have managed to overcome the difficulties and seize opportunities and as a result, we have scored remarkable achievements and brought about a new situation on our diplomatic front. According to many international friends, our work has been well measured with points of focus and yielded impressive results.

This year, the Chinese government will continue to unswervingly pursue the independent foreign policy of peace and resolutely safeguard state sovereignty, territorial integrity and national dignity. We will continue to oppose hegemonism and power politics as well as terrorism of all forms. We will continue to engage in international affairs as a major player that loves peace, upholds justice and acts responsibly. We will try to make fresh contribution to advance China's modernization drive, realize China's national reunification, maintain world peace and promote common development.

Q: (Ita-Tass) In June this year, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will hold its second summit in Russia. My question is, what kind of role will this Organization play in maintaining security and stability in Central Asia?

A: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a regional organization for multilateral cooperation set up on the basis of the Shanghai Five mechanism. Its establishment is conducive to regional peace and stability as well as regional economic cooperation. Its further development will also be conducive to the establishment of a just and fair new international economic and political order. We believe that this Organization will serve regional and world peace and sta