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Statement by H.E.Ambassador Wu Haitao on Revitalization of the CD

Mr. President,

At present, the Conference on Disarmament is conducting well-organized and in-depth discussions on its agenda items and the issue of Revitalization of the CD. China hopes that member states would cherish and maintain this positive momentum, consolidate consensus, and work together for an early agreement on the Program of Work, so as to revitalize the CD.

The CD's deadlock is primarily due to political factors. Sound international and regional security environments are conducive to progress in multilateral disarmament process. Efforts to achieve arms control and disarmament will in turn enhance the common security of all countries. We hope that the member states of the CD will demonstrate sufficient political will and focus our efforts on the following two aspects:

On the one hand, we should actively seek solutions in the CD. We should properly address the procedural and substantive concerns of all relevant parties through an open, transparent and equal consultation process and endeavor to find solutions acceptable to all. On the other hand, we should try to create favorable conditions beyond the CD. All parties should be encouraged to take active measures and accommodate each other's concerns so as to create a favorable atmosphere for negotiation and dialogue.

Mr. President,

China appreciates the opportunity to exchange views on ways to revitalize the CD. We believe that the following important principles must be observed in our deliberations on this issue.

Firstly, the authority of the CD must be respected.

As the single multilateral disarmament negotiating forum established by the SSOD I in 1978, the authority of the CD cannot be replaced by any other international mechanisms. The membership of the CD includes developed and developing countries, nuclear weapon states and non-nuclear weapon states, as well as important countries from different regions and different groups. The CD is a body with wide representation and inherent potential of effectiveness.

The CD has sound institutional safeguards. Its Rules of Procedure with the consensus principle at the core, which embody CD's very spirit of equality, effectively ensure that the security concerns of each and every member state be fully reflected. This is the fundamental feature of the CD as the single multilateral disarmament negotiating forum which we should make a special effort to preserve.

Secondly, our confidence in the CD should be maintained.

The treaties concluded by the CD and its predecessor in the past, such as NPT, CWC and CTBT, are pillars of the multilateral arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation regime, which have made significant contributions to international peace and security.

It is well-acknowledged that the negotiation process of a major arms control treaty cannot be completed overnight. It took many years for the international community to prepare and negotiate both the CWC and the CTBT. Important agenda items such as nuclear disarmament, PAROS and NSA are still under discussion since their inclusion in the CD's agenda.

In face of deadlocks and difficulties, it is all the more necessary for all member states of the CD to maintain their confidence and patience regarding the CD, strengthen cooperation and confront challenges courageously, so as to move the CD forward towards the common goal of the member states.

Thirdly, the legitimate security concerns of all states should be given due attention.

In taking stock of past successful experiences of the CD, the key is to fully respect and properly address the legitimate security concerns of member states. This is the very purpose of engaging in serious negotiations on multilateral arms control treaties; as well as the necessary precondition for securing the broad participation of all stakeholders and for ensuring the fairness and authority of the treaties concluded, and that they reflect the common will of the international community as represented by all CD members.

Fourthly, efforts should be made to promote the revitalization of the CD.

We are all concerned about the current status of the CD, and hope the CD could be revitalized at an early date. In recent years, on how to improve the effectiveness of the CD and revitalize its work, many good proposals and suggestions have been put forward by successive Presidents of the Conference, the member states and Secretary General Mr. Tokayev.

China fully understands the wish of relevant parties to improve the effectiveness of the CD and promote its work. We are ready to work with other parties to explore appropriate solutions. We should take into consideration new developments, further engage in creative thinking, continue to work and explore, widely conduct various forms of consultations, and endeavor to find commonly acceptable solutions to revitalize the CD.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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