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Chinese Mission Spokesperson Liu Yuyin's Remarks on the Hong Kong-related Agenda of the National People's Congress

National security is a basic precondition for the existence and development of a nation and it concerns the nation's core interests. In accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law of the HKSAR, the NPC's establishing and improving a legal framework and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security in the HKSAR is an essential measure to uphold national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and consolidate the foundation of the "one country, two systems" principle. It is a sure choice to safeguard long-term peace and stability in Hong Kong and prevent and curb foreign interference in Hong Kong affairs. It is legitimate, legal and imperative.

Only the State legislature has the legislative power on issues concerning national security. The Chinese Central Government bears the primary and ultimate responsibility for safeguarding national security. Safeguarding national security is the core of "one country, two systems" and the foundation for its existence. To establish and improve a legal framework and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security in the HKSAR is to prohibit a very small number of people from splitting the country, subverting state power, organizing and carrying out terrorist activities, and foreign and external forces from interfering in the affairs of the HKSAR. It will protect the law-abiding Hong Kong citizens, who are the overwhelming majority, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of Hong Kong residents and foreign institutions and personnel in Hong Kong, and safeguard the fundamental interests of the state and the HKSAR.

"One country, two systems" is China's basic state policy, and the Chinese government is firmly committed to its implementation. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and a local administrative region directly under the Central People's Government. The legislation for the HKSAR to safeguard national security is purely China's internal affair, and no foreign country has the right to interfere. The Chinese government is firm in its resolve to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, and firm in its opposition to external interference in Hong Kong's affairs.

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