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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Fu Cong, Permanent Representative of China to the CD, on Korean Peninsula Issue

Mr. President,

With regard to issue of the Korean Peninsula, China has consistently stood for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the peace and stability there, as well as the settlement of relevant issues through dialogue and consultation.

China has noted the latest missile launches conducted by the DPRK. The relevant UN Security Council resolutions contain explicit provisions on the DPRK's launches using ballistic missile technologies. China is opposed to the DPRK's missile launches in violation of Security Council resolutions.

China has also noted that the US and the ROK are jointly conducting a large-scale military exercise targeting the DPRK. We are of the view that the exercise is not conducive to the solution of the Peninsula issue; rather, it may well exacerbate the confrontation and further complicate the situation. China is firmly opposed to the deployment of THAAD by the US and the ROK in the ROK and will take necessary measures to safeguard its own security interests. China strongly urges the parties concerned to take seriously China's legitimate concerns and abandon the deployment process.

Given the sensitivities and complexities inherent in the current situation on the Korean Peninsula, the parties concerned should keep calm and exercise restraint by refraining from doing anything that may provoke each other or increase the tension in the region. All the parties concerned should work together for the denuclearization of the Peninsula and its peace and stability.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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