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Opening Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu at the Performance of "Culture of China: Colorful Yunnan"

Director-General Mr. Møller,

Vice-Chairman Ms. Dao,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening!

Welcome to this cultural event, entitled “Culture of China: Colorful Yunnan”. This event is co-organized by UNOG and the Permanent Mission of China.

Yunnan Province is located in southwest China and is one of the important cradles of humanity. Yuanmou Man, who lived there about 1.7 million years ago, was the earliest human ancestor found in China and Asia. Yunnan is famous for its beautiful landscape and rich natural resources. It is also well-known for its diverse ethnic minorities. Out of a total of 56 nationalities in China, nearly half live in Yunnan, more than in any other provinces of China.

China has been a multi-nationality country since ancient times. All the nationalities, with their own unique customs, traditions, arts and religions, live in harmony and learn from each other. They all contribute to the diversity, breadth and profundity of the Chinese culture.

The Chinese government is fully committed to the protection and promotion of the rights of the ethnic minorities in all fields, political, economic, social, cultural and religious. All 56 nationalities are equal members of the Chinese community. And they all share the same Chinese Dream.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the two International Covenants on human rights of United Nations, the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on the Right to Development, and the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Human Rights Council. Tonight’s show represents a token of celebration for all these important anniversaries.

As we celebrate these anniversaries, human rights are faced with new opportunities and new challenges. The Chinese government will continue to work with the international community to achieve greater progress in the protection and promotion of human rights in the world, through dialogue and cooperation based on mutual respect.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tonight, distinguished artists from Bai, Yi, Tibetan and other ethnic minorities of Yunnan will present you with a show of diverse minority cultures. In addition, from tomorrow till July 1st, the Chinese mission will also host a photo exhibition in the Messanine Hall of Palais des Nations on the scenic beauty and ethnic customs of the Yunnan province. Through these activities, we hope to give you a better understanding of Yunnan and China.

Finally, I wish tonight’s show a great success, and wish all of you an enjoyable evening!

Thank you!

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