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Statement by H.E. Ambassador FU Cong at the Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights During the 31st Session of the Human Rights Council

Mr. President,

The Chinese delegation aligns itself with the joint statement delivered by Egypt on behalf of the LMG.

Regarding the annual report of the High Commissioner, we would like to make the following comments:

Firstly, on how to strengthen human rights mechanisms. China believes that priority should be given to firmly safeguard the credibility and authority of international human rights mechanism, reverse the phenomenon of politicization of human rights, abandon double standards, and avoid repeating the "credibility crisis" that had long existed in the Commission on Human Rights.

Secondly, on how to promote human rights mainstreaming. First, ensure effective coordination and promote positive interaction among the three pillars of the UN, not eroding the mandates of other pillars. Second, respect and maintain the authority and leading role of UN bodies responsible for respective issues. The OHCHR could provide advisory service in the promotion and protection of human rights. Third, governments should maintain the driving force in promoting human rights mainstreaming. We should respect each country in choosing their development model and path according to its national conditions.

Thirdly, on how to improve the work of the OHCHR. The High Commissioner should fulfill its mandate in accordance with relevant UNGA resolutions, pay real attention to effective communication with member states, and avoid making subjective comments that can not be backed up by facts. It is necessary for the OHCHR to have a comprehensive assessment of all its work, and the key to reform is to give priority to enhancing capacity building for member states in the field of human rights, promoting two categories of human rights in a balanced manner. Emphasis should also be given to reform the composition of the staff of the OHCHR, so as to better respect the principle of equitable geographical distribution. The process of reform should be open and transparent. Human rights treaty bodies should truly respect their mandates, and stop imposing additional obligations to member states. China would like to once again express its concern and objection to the Guidelines against Intimidation and Reprisals (the San Jose Guidelines), an unilateral move by the Meeting of Chairpersons of the treaty bodies.

Mr. President,

China categorically rejects the groundless accusations on China's human rights situations by the United States on behalf Japan and a few other countries. China is a country under the rule of law. Combating illegal and criminal activities in accordance with law fall within the judicial sovereignty of China. No one shall go beyond the law in the name of "human rights defenders".

It should be noted that the United States is notorious for its abuses and torture at prisons at Guantanamo Bay; gun violence is rampant; the problem of racism is its deep-rooted malaise. Besides, the United States conducts large-scale extraterritorial surveillances; its use of drones caused a huge number of civilian casualties, including foreign nationals; its military troops in foreign countries commit rape and murder of local people. The United States also conducts abductions and operates black jails abroad. The aforementioned fully exposes the United States' hypocrisy and double standards on human rights issues. The "universal values" it boasts of are merely "national interest" under a gorgeous coat. The Japanese militarism conscripted hundreds of thousands of "comfort women" and committed serious crimes against humanity during the Second World War. The Japanese Government, up till now, still tries every means to deny the crime and refuse to take the responsibility. We advice the United States, Japan and other relevant countries to seriously reflect on and make corrections for their own human right violations, not to interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries in the name of human rights, nor to act as international judges and infringe upon the judicial sovereignty and independence of other countries.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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