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Statement by the Chinese Delegation at the 15th Annual Conference of the High Contracting Parties to Amended Protocol II of CCW

Mr. President,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your assumption of the Presidency. The Chinese delegation will fully cooperate with you to achieve a positive outcome of the Conference.

Mr. President,

The Chinese government has always attached great importance to the humanitarian concerns caused by landmines and faithfully implemented its obligation under the Amended Protocol II of CCW. Over the past year, China has allocated a great amount of human and material resources in this regard, steadily promoting the implementation of AP II.

The Chinese military forces continue to destroy outdated anti-personal landmines and other explosive ordinance, which do not meet the requirements of AP II. At the same time, a series of training courses for military personnel to better understand and implement the Protocol have been carried out. The focus has also been put on training demining staff, raising public awareness, and conducting research on demining technologies such as the destruction of mines and the use of mine detecting dogs. A series of publications on demining techniques have been complied and published during the reporting period.

While continuously promoting domestic implementation of AP II, China has been actively engaged in efforts on international humanitarian demining cooperation and assistance. During this year, China has hosted demining training courses for Sudan, South Sudan and Laos in China, training over 60 deminers. China will soon dispatch a team of experts to Cambodia for onsite training of 50 deminers. China is also working on the delivery of victim assistance worth 2.3 million RMB to Sri Lanka and Jordan. The Chinese delegation will introduce our efforts on humanitarian demining assistance by a short video during this conference.

China attaches importance to international exchange and cooperation on issues related to landmines. Recently, the Special Envoy of the Ottawa Convention, H.H Prince Mired of Jordan visited China at the invitation of the Chinese government. During his visit, Prince Mired had comprehensive and in-depth exchange with Chinese officials. We believe that this visit will enhance the understanding of the international community on China's policy on mines and its efforts on humanitarian demining assistance.

Mr. President,

China attaches high importance to humanitarian concerns caused by the use of IEDs by non-state actors and welcomes discussions with parties concerned under the framework of the CCW. We appreciate the efforts made by the Coordinator of the IEDs.

The Chinese government has exercised strict control over the production, sale, purchase, import, export, transport, storage of explosive ordinance in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations. China believes that IEDs' low threshold for production, dual-use nature of relevant materials, bring difficulties and challenges to the relevant supervision. The international community should take a practical approach to the IEDs issue and gradually promote the work in this regard. The developed countries should actively extend assistance to developing countries in the areas of capacity building, funding and technology.

Mr. President,

There are still over 60 countries suffered from landmines. Landmines not only pose a grave threat to life and property of the local population but also retard the economic development and post-war reconstruction of affected countries. China is ready to work closely with all parties to promote the effective implementation of AP II and minimize the harm caused by landmines to civilians worldwide.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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