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Statement by Chinese Delegation at the Seventh Conference of the High Contracting Parties to Protocol V on Explosive Remnants of War

                                                                                                  (unofficial translation)

Mr. President,

I would like to congratulate you on your assumption of the presidency. Chinese delegation will fully cooperate with you and other delegations in pursuit of a positive outcome. Meanwhile,China appreciates the efforts by all coordinators on victim assistance, national reporting, generic preventive measures, cooperation and assistance and requests for Assistance.

Mr. President,

Since its entry into force in 2006, the universality and implementation of Protocol V has made substantive advancements, relevant international cooperation and victim assistance efforts have also been strengthened. Thus, Protocol V has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of CCW and played an important role in addressing humanitarian concerns caused by explosive remnants of war (ERW).

China always attaches great importance to humanitarian concerns caused by ERW. Since its ratification of Protocol V in 2010, China has invested significant resources, strengthened relevant compliance mechanisms and submitted its annual national reporting forms, with a view to fully implementing Protocol V.

As generic preventive measures, China has established a comprehensive monitoring system on explosives, and put in place such measures as licensing, classification, lifecycle monitoring, risk assessment and accountability. Chinese Public Security authority has already established an information management system on explosives for civilian use, which will put lifecycle registration and monitoring on the production, storage, shipment, transfer and use of explosives. These measures are effective in preventing diversion of explosives, and thus contributing to protection of life and properties of citizens and regional peace and stability.

Mr. President,

On the issue of clearance, removal or destruction of ERW, the Chinese military and the Public Security authority continued to dispose ERWs and other explosive ordinance last year, with over 120,000 ERWs of different type properly handled or destroyed.

As a country affected by ERW, China fully understands the difficulties faced by other affected countries, and supports international cooperation and assistance in this regard. Since 2010, China has provided victim assistance under its annual project for international humanitarian demining assistance, and provided medical assistance to ERW victims in Peru, Ethiopia, Laos, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Jordan.

Mr. President,

The problem of ERW cannot be solved overnight. Long-term attention and unremitting efforts by all parties are needed. Therefore, China always believes that in order to resolve the ERW issue in a more effective way, the principle of user’s responsibilities to clearance should be observed, which will promote more responsible and restraint attitude on the use and transfer of relevant weapons by all parties.

China will continue to work closely with all parties to fully implement and enhance universality of the Convention, making its due contribution to addressing humanitarian concerns caused by ERWs.

Thank you, M

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