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Statement by the Chinese Delegation on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy at the Second Session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2015 NPT Review Conference

Mr. Chairman,

Last year has witnessed steady revival of nuclear energy worldwide. As proven, clean and competitive source of energy, nuclear power remains the first option of energy development for many countries. The vigorous development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes represents the general trend of the times. The international community should take this opportunity to promote development of nuclear energy to better benefit the mankind.

China believes that development of nuclear energy is of great significance for ensuring global energy safety and addressing climate change. Peace, development and cooperation are still the main themes of the world and many developing countries are entering fast track of development. At the same time, the energy challenges are still prominent, including tight supply of fossil energy, difficulties in large-scale development of renewable energy, increasing pressure from environmental protection. The world has been overwhelmed by such challenges. Nuclear energy should be treated in a rational way. Instead of giving up eating for fear of choking, we should promote development of nuclear energy in a way that will contribute to peace and development of the world.

To promote peaceful uses of nuclear energy is one of the important goals of the NPT and represents the inalienable right of all States Parities under the Treaty. The right of States Parties to peaceful uses of nuclear energy should be fully respected. While utilizing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, effective measures should also be taken to prevent nuclear proliferation. Peaceful uses of nuclear energy and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons are complementary to each other. Sustainable development of nuclear energy cannot be achieved only on a single pillar.

Facilitating international cooperation is the best means of ensuring in-depth development of peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The current exchanges and interdependence among countries are unprecedented. The globalization of the development of nuclear energy and nuclear technologies is prominent. The regional and even global implications of relevant nuclear issues cannot be ignored. Only through joint efforts by all countries can the smooth development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes be ensured.

Nuclear safety and security are the lifelines of sustainable development nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. It is an arduous task to effectively manage both nuclear safety and security. It is necessary to continue to promote nuclear safety standards and norms, share advanced experiences and best practices on nuclear safety, and advance the level of nuclear safety technologies. All states should earnestly undertake their international responsibilities on nuclear security, and promote the universality of relevant international legal instruments, so as to guarantee the safety of the environment and the society.

Mr. Chairman,

In accordance with its duty specified in the Statute, in 2012, the IAEA worked actively in promoting the coordinated and sustainable development of nuclear energy and nuclear technology, especially in the field of nuclear safety and nuclear security. The Agency's technical cooperation projects were well implemented and positive progress was achieved in areas such as food, agriculture and cancer treatment. The Fukushima Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety was convened. A ministerial conference on nuclear security will also be held this year. China appreciates the efforts by the Agency in promoting peaceful uses of nuclear energy and supports the positive role it plays in the field of nuclear security and safety. We also call upon states parties, especially developed countries, to provide more technical assistance to developing countries, so as to benefit more people.

Mr. Chairman,

China pursues development strategy of actively promoting energy conservation and optimizing the energy structure. In October 2012, the State Council of China adopted the Medium and Long-term Nuclear Power Development Program (2011~2020), which provided latest plan for nuclear power development in China for the current and future periods, and restarted the review and approval process for new projects of nuclear power units. Nuclear power remains an important part of China's energy development strategy. China will unswervingly promote nuclear power development in an efficient and sustainable manner on the premise of ensuring safety. So far, there are 16 operating nuclear power units with a total installed capacity of 13.61 GWe in the mainland. All units have kept a good record and major operational performances reach the advanced international standards. With the world largest nuclear power fleet under construction, China has 29 units under construction with a total installed capacity of 31.64GWe.

International cooperation plays an important role in the development of peaceful uses of nuclear energy in China. China has concluded 27 inter-governmental cooperation agreements on peaceful uses of nuclear energy. In line with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, we have carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation, including exchange visits, import of equipment and technology, economic and trade exchanges. Meanwhile, China puts great emphasis on the nuclear security and safety and fulfills its promises made in the Nuclear Security Summits. The Nuclear Power Safety Program (2011~2020) clearly provides that China will build new nuclear units in accordance with the highest nuclear safety standards. The construction plan for the nuclear security center of excellence has been approved by the State Council with a gross investment of about 500 million RMB. The project on conversion of miniature neutron source reactor fuel from highly enriched uranium to low enriched uranium is running well and initial results are expected. China has contributed an accumulative total of 600,000 US dollars to the Agency's nuclear security fund to support the capacity-building in the Asia-pacific region in this regard.

Promotion of peaceful uses of nuclear energy is required by the growing global energy needs and wide application of nuclear technology. All states should make joint efforts to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and nuclear non-proliferation mutually reinforced and coordinately developed, and to create a new prospect for safe, efficient and sustainable development of the nuclear energy.

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese Delegation has submitted a working paper (WP.31) on peaceful uses of nuclear energy which elaborates China's relevant positions. We hope the elements contained therein will be reflected in the report of this PrepCom.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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