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Address by H.E. Mr. Li Qiyan, Head of the Chinese Delegation and Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Security at the 90th Session of International Labor Conference (Geneva, 11 June 2002)
Mr. President,

First of all, I wish to congratulate you on your presidency for this conference.  I am confident that, under your wise leadership, this conference will be a complete success.

In spite of the unexpected incidents in the world, peace and development remain the themes of the times in this new century.  World peace, people-to-people cooperation, national development and social progress are trends of our time.  As multi-polarization and economic globalization pick up speed and science and technology progress day by day, the world of work is faced with golden opportunities for development on the one hand, and grave challenges on the other.  Global questions, however, need to be tackled through joint efforts of all countries, and world challenges need to be met by state-to-state cooperation.  In this context, the International Labor Organization (ILO) should face up the realities, conform to historic trends and development of the times by appropriately controlling the impact of economic globalization on the world of work to promote common development among the nations.

Activities of the ILO within the last two years have been given a comprehensive review in the report by the Director-General.  It is satisfying to note that the ILO has given active response to the tripartite appeal for promoting employment and cooperation against the backdrop of globalization, and successfully held the Global Employment Forum in 2001, when the Global Employment Agenda was made.  It is our belief that the actions taken by the ILO for implementing this agenda will help achieve the goal of decent work.

China has made unremitting efforts for economic development and social progress since it adopted the reform and opening-up policy over two decades ago.  Its overall national strength has increased remarkably, and its people are living an increasingly better life.  Today China is enjoying political stability, economic development, ethnic unity and social progress.  In the economic restructuring and reform in recent years, the Chinese Government has integrated economic development with social progress by adopting a series of policies and measures to improve the social security system and promote employment.  Nevertheless, the country is faced with a grave employment question at present due to such reasons as economic restructuring and a big population.  In this context, we will continue to work for sustained, rapid, and sound economic growth, further reform the economic and employment structure, and develop employment services.  We are ready to continue our cooperation in this regard with the ILO and all other member states, share and draw on each other's experience in promoting employment and improving social security system, and enhance the cause of labor and social security in the world.  

Mr. President,

The urgent task at hand for countries throughout the world is to promote employment, eradicate poverty and strengthen social integration.  The Chinese Government holds that:

I. It is imperative to work for the establishment of a rational international political and economic order so that the developing countries may enjoy, on a just basis, the benefits of economic globalization and scientific and technological progress and the gap of wealth between the North and South may be bridged.  The ILO could work with the tripartite constituents to reduce the negative impact of globalization and extend the benefits of it to all workers in the world.

II. The ILO should respect the diversified culture, social system and values of different countries as well as the common will and interests of all the parties of the member states.  Efforts should also be made to enhance communication, promote dialogue, and safeguard the democratic consultation mechanism of the Organization so that the goal of social justice in the Constitution of the International Labor Organization could be achieved in the real sense.

III.The ILO should pay more attention to the specific requests of the developing countries and further strengthen technical cooperation.  It is the Organization's obligation to take concrete measures to promote employment, eradicate poverty and protect the rights and interests of the workers so as to enable all workers in the world enjoy secured, productive and sustainable decent work.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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