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Statement by the Chinese Delegation before the 3rd Session of the Group of Governmental Experts of CCW on Improving the Reliability of Munitions
Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation has along stands that, from the technical perspective, the way to address the ERW issue lies in states to take necessary measures to improve the reliability of munitions within their capacity in order to prevent or reduce the number of new ERWs.  Our technical experts maintains after careful study based on the discussion of previous two meetings of the GGE, progress could be made in the design, manufacturing, storage and handling of munitions to improve the reliability of relevant munitions by taking necessary measures of a voluntary nature within economic and technical capability of concerned countries.  The Chinese experts would like to share some of the suggestions with delegates present here.

First, to prevent munitions from becoming ERW due to their indigenous deficiencies, efforts should be made to optimize their designing, for example, rigorously implementing standard and regulations on designing, choosing matured technologies, reasonable and reliable materials and spare parts, and adopting high-tech and abundant design.

Second, manufacturing is critical to the quality of munitions. Strengthening quality control in the process of manufacturing to ensure the reliability of munitions to meet the technical specifications as designed, which is an important way of preventing and reducing ERW.  In this regard, measures could be taken to enhance the craftsmanship, use processing equipment of good quality, improve manufacturing precision, strengthen management by promulgating strict regulations and increase technical and managerial training, improve the precision and criteria of testing equipment, and adopt reasonable inspection method.

Lastly, storage environment and handling process also have an impact on the effect of munitions.  In order to make sure that the pyrotechnically components will not be dampened, the fuse will not function before it is armed and electric devices will not malfunction, the temperature of storehouse must not exceed 30 degrees, and humidity must be under 70%.  Anti-electrostatic, anti-thundering and anti-electric spark measures should be taken simultaneously.  Besides, due to incorrect operation during transportation, some munitions might become malfunction at the last stage of the "manufacturing chain".  Therefore, ruthless handling should be avoided during transportation, controlling the velocity and conditions of transportation, for instance change of temperature, air pressure and anti-rain.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
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