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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Briefing on China's Enhancement of Communication with All Parties on the DPRK's Satellite-Launching Plan

Q: Countries around the world reacted one after another to the DPRK's announcement of launching a satellite. What has China done recently in response to it? Has China engaged in emergency coordination with the DPRK and other parties concerned?

A: China has noted the DPRK's announcement of its satellite-launching plan as well as the international community's reaction. Leading officials of the Chinese Foreign Ministry have recently exchanged views with ambassadors of the DPRK, Russia, the US, the ROK and Japan to China respectively. China stresses that all parties shoulder common responsibilities and share common interests in safeguarding peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia. We hope that all parties concerned will keep level-headed, exercise restraint and make joint efforts to appropriately handle the current situation. We will keep in close communication with all parties.

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