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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks

Q: There are reports that Vietnamese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson made a statement on the follow-up handling of the incident that happened in May targeting Chinese enterprises and workers. What is China's comment on this?

A: We have noted relevant reports. The Vietnamese side expressed their regrets for what happened to the Chinese enterprises and workers in May, and sadness at the injuries and deaths of Chinese workers. The Vietnamese side said that they will provide humanitarian compensation of certain form to the affected Chinese workers, and will send delegations to China to meet the representatives of those workers' families. Meanwhile, they will put in place policies and take measures to help and support the affected Chinese enterprises, carry on the investigation into the incident in a serious manner, punish the offenders severely and ensure the safety and security of Chinese personnel and enterprises in Vietnam. China acknowledges the steps and positions the Vietnamese side has taken, and hope earnest efforts can be taken to implement relevant measures.

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