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Geneva Young Diplomats Forum Tackles Global Security Challenges

About 50 young diplomats and students from a dozen countries gathered at a Geneva forum last week trying to identify and find solutions to the most pressing security challenges in today's world.

Ambassador He Yafei, Permanent Representative of China in Geneva, and Ambassador Fred Tanner, Director of the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP) welcomed participants to the the Geneva Young Diplomats Forum. Ambassador He said that the world had become less secure and the concept of security much broader. He highlighted the role young diplomats can play in finding solutions to global security challenges and making our world safer. Ambassador Tanner extended his congratulations to the launch of the Forum and expressed his high hopes for it.

Three speakers from the Chinese and US mission and the GCSP made presentations on today's global security challenges from different perspectives. Then young participants had lively in-depth discussions in breakout sessions and an interactive roundtable on the most pressing security challenges, global security and power shifts, and promoting global security through inclusive and sustainable development. There emerged broad consensus as well as heated contentions as participants agreed to disagree.

Minister Counsellor Yu Shukun of the Chinese Mission closed the forum with a positive note, saying that he was deeply impressed by the young diplomats’ strong sense of responsibility and leadership.

The Geneva Young Diplomats Forum, initiated by the Permanent Mission of China, aims to providing a platform for young diplomats in Geneva to engage in policy dialogue to promote mutual understanding and seek solutions to global issues. The inaugural session was attended by young diplomats from the Permanent Missions of China, USA, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, India and Pakistan, students from the GCSP and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (GIIDS). The next forum is to be hosted by another permanent mission.

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