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Ambassador He Yafei speaks on ecological civilization

Ambassador He Yafei spoke at a panel discussion on "Investing in Nature-the road ahead" jointly held by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Club Diplomatique de Geneve on 26 May. He shared his thought on building a ecological civilization and the achievements and policies of China in protecting the nature and environment.

Ambassador He pointed out that ancient Chinese philosophers put forward the idea of harmony between man and nature over 2500 years ago, echoed by Francis Bacon 2000 years later. But nature has been severly damaged in the era of industrial civilization, causing serious ecological and environmental problems. He argued that humanity should work forwards an ecologically sound civilization in the 21st century.

He emphasized the need to promote a culture of sustainable and ecologically sound development, balancing economic growth, social progress and environment protection. Current production and consumption patterns should be transformed to nurture green economy and way of life. In achieving this, a fair, equitable, effective and win-win global partnership is imperative.

On China's environmental protection, Ambassador He underscored the great progress China has made in the areas of development philosophy, legal framework, prudent planning among other things. According to the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of National Economic and Social Development, China will continuously build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, promote circular economy and usher in an ecological civilization.

The IUCN is an environmental protection organization founded in 1948, whose membership includes governments, international organizations, NGOs and a network of scientists. Club Diplomatique de Geneve was established in 1976 to foster better understanding among diplomatic missions, international organizations and local community of Geneva. The panel discussion was chaired by Julia Marton-Lefevre, Director General of IUCN, and attended by about 200 people, including Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Director General of United Nations Office in Geneva.
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