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China Delivered Joint Statement on Behalf of 140 Countries on Promoting and Protecting Human Rights and Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind

On March 1, at the 34th Session of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu, Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva and Other International Organizations in Switzerland, delivered a joint statement entitled "Promote and Protect Human Rights and Build a Community of Shared Future for Human Beings" on behalf of 140 countries.

Ambassador Ma said, in today's globalized world, countries are increasingly interconnected and interdependent and share a common future. Nonetheless, global challenges are threatening the safety and well-being of people in different countries. To safeguard world peace, realize common development, and promote and protect human rights, all countries should work to build a community of shared future for human beings, with a view to realizing a world of lasting peace, security for all, and common prosperity, as well as an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world.

To this end, Ambassador Ma proposed: First, we must respect the principle of sovereign equality. Based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected. Each state is entitled to independently choose its path for development and social system. The efforts and achievements of each state in promoting and protecting human rights should be respected.

Second, we should pursue dialogue and consultations. Countries should foster partnership featuring mutual respect, promote and protect human rights through dialogue and cooperation. Politicization of the human rights agenda should be avoided.

Third, we should pursue win-win cooperation. All countries should work together like passengers in the same boat. We should be committed to multilateralism, address global challenges through strengthened international cooperation in order to bring about win-win outcomes for all. Countries should enhance human rights capacity building through concrete and effective cooperation.

Fourth, we should pursue exchanges and mutual learning. Different civilizations should respect and draw on each other to achieve common progress. Diversity of civilizations should not be a source of global conflict; rather, it should be an engine driving the progress of human civilization.

Fifth, we should pursue sustainable development. All countries should effectively implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which provides a solid foundation for the promotion and protection of all human rights.

Ambassador Ma called on all countries to join hands in building a community of shared future for mankind and promoting and protecting human rights and work together for the realization of peace, development and win-win cooperation for all.

The 34th Session of the Human Rights Council was opened on February 27 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. The concept of a community of shared future for mankind and its role in promoting the international human rights cause was well received at the session.

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