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"China Hall" Expected at Palais des Nations

On April 11, Amb. MA Zhaoxu, Permanent Representative of China and Michael Møller, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) have signed a memorandum of understanding whereby China will finance the full refurbishment and renovation of an old room of the Palais des Nations".

The room will be remodeled into a well-equipped conference hall and named "China Hall," with the design incorporating Chinese cultural elements.

Ma said China's debut in multilateral diplomacy starts in 1954 in Geneva. China's contribution to the Strategic Heritage Plan and the project itself was a sign of China's growing position and influence in the world, and its continuing support for the United Nations. China will keep close communication with the UN through the designing and construction process, making "China Hall" a new landmark of Palais des Nations.

Michael Møller expressed his gratitude, and said he was delighted that China was contributing to the preservation of the Palais des Nations, which constitutes a historical heritage. The Strategic Heritage Plan aims at building solidarity around the world by supporting the renovation of the Palais des Nations.

Tens of sounds of international conferences are held at Palais des Nations every year. Some of the equipment and facilities could not meet the increasingly high demand of conference services. The Strategic Heritage Plan, approved by the 70th session of the General Assembly, aims to give comprehensive renovation of Palais des Nations, so that it can better serve as headquarter of the United Nations in Europe.

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