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Speech by Vice Minister Peng Yu, Head of the Chinese Delegation at the Plenary Meeting of the 54h Session of the WHA (May 14, 2001, Geneva)
Mr. President,

The Chinese delegation supports the General Committee' s recommendation that the proposal of "inviting the Republic of China (Taiwan) to attend the WHA as an observer" should not be included into this session' s Assembly agenda.  The above-mentioned proposal, which was rejected at the previous four Assemblies should not have been raised in the first place.  However, with the instigation of the Taiwan authorities, certain countries, disregarding the repeated rejection of similar proposals at previous Assemblies, put forward the above proposal once again, which was very inappropriate.  The Chinese delegation is firmly against it.

WHO is a specialized agency of the UN, with the Health Assembly serving as its supreme authority.  UN General Assembly resolution 2758 (1971) and resolution WHA 25.1 (1972) had provided once and for all a solution to the issue of representation of China in both the UN and WHO.  Taiwan, as a province of China, has no qualification to participate in WHO activities in any manner or whatever name or to attend the WHA in any name.  Proposals to invite Taiwan to participate in the W'HA are legally groundless.

Taiwan has no qualification to participate in the WHA as an observer, but Taiwan compatriots like Chinese people in the rest of the country, are entitled to all services provided by the WHO.  As we all know, officials from Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions join the Chinese delegation to attend the WHA.  In a reunified China, Hong Kong and Macao have full access to the WHO services, participate in its activities and contribute to the organization.  The Chinese government has always attached great importance to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the Taiwan Compatriots, is concerned with their health and actively promotes cross-strait cooperation and information exchange in the field of health.  In the previous four years, we made it clear that provided that the Taiwan authorities observe the "one China" principle, proper solutions to relevant issues will be found by the two sides across the strait.  However, to our regret, the Taiwan authorities have so far not made any positive responses.  Therefore, it is the Taiwan authorities that should be blamed for the current situation.  Time and time again, they have instigated a few countries to put forward the proposal of inviting Taiwan "to participate in the WHA as an observer" under the pretext of promoting the health of the Taiwan people.  This exposes their political intention to create "two Chinas" or "one China. one Taiwan" in the WHO under the disguise of caring for the health of the Taiwan people.

To show their genuine concern for the health of the Taiwan people, Panama and the others should work in the interests of the reunification of China rather than the opposite.  To give support to the Taiwan authorities in creating "two Chinas" or "one China, one Taiwan" with any excuse is but an encroachment upon the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China and interference into China' s internal affairs.  This will never be accepted by the Chinese government and people.

Mr. President,

We call upon the assembly to support the position of the Chinese delegation and adopt the proposition of the general committee that the proposal raised by Panama and others should not be included in the supplementary agenda of the Assembly.

Thank you!
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