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Speech by Mr. Wang Jianzhou, CEO of China Mobile, on ITU Telecom World 2009

(5 Ocotober, 2009, Geneva)


Ladies and Gentlemen:

It gives me great honor to participate in ITU Telecom World 2009. I believe this unique gathering will bring huge influence to global ICT sector, and thus promote the sector to make greater contribution in re-boosting economy and dealing with global climate change.

Today, ICT has already become an indispensable part of people's life. In China, from the remote islands to the Himalayas, even the ordinary farmers can use wireless networks to get the real-time information they need, including prices of agricultural products.

Information and Communications Technology is now becoming one of the major drivers for economic recovery. Early this year, telecom operators in China began to roll out 3G networks, which largely promoted the development of telecom equipment and terminal manufacturers, and created a lot of job opportunities.

New ICT applications generated new forms of consumption and attracted large amount of consumers. Ten years ago, people could never imagine using mobile phones to download music, while today this has become true and very popular. A well-received song can have over 10 million downloads, which far outperforms conventional music disk distribution. We have more examples. SMS continues to provide convenience to people's lives. At present China Mobile has over 1.8 billion SMS per day. Electronic reading evolved as a new reading form in recent years. Over 40 million people are now subscribed for the Mobile Newspaper service by China Mobile.

Facing the difficulties brought by the financial crisis, people realize the importance of knowledge acquisition. Mobile broadband technologies and applications enable them to acquire information faster.

Global climate change has become our common concern. ICT could also play its role in energy conservation and carbon emission reduction.

First we need to start from ourselves. We used to believe that the telecom industry has low energy consumption, however, following the construction of numerous base stations and abundant utilization of servers, power consumption has become one of the major operating costs and need to be lowered. In recent years, China Mobile launched the Green Action Plan which aims at lowering energy consumption via technical measures, including adjusting the equipments, adopting natural wind cooling and water cooling, recycling packaging materials, promoting renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, etc. According to calculation, by implementing this program the carbon emission reduction of China Mobile in three years equals the emission of all the vehicles in Beijing in one year.

ICT could also make contribution to the energy conservation and emission reduction of the whole society, with direct and positive impact from the promotion of the Internet of Things. A few years ago ITU raised the concept of the Internet of Things, and today with expansion of the telecom networks, especially wireless networks and development of sensor technology, we have a more mature environment for promoting the Internet of Things.

We believe that the Internet of Things should have three features.

First, overall sensing.

Second, reliable transmission.

Third, intelligent processing, which adopts cloud computing and blur identification technologies to analyze and process vast data and information and realize intelligent control. The Internet of Things can be widely adopted in various fields, including traffic control, heating control, food management, production process monitoring etc., with energy conservation as one of its most outstanding impacts. This will also become an important initiative carried by the ICT sector towards global climate change.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Following technical development and application promotion, ICT will play a more and more important role in human society. And to realize this needs the co-effort and close cooperation from all of us, including operators, equipment manufacturers, application providers and content providers, etc. By effectively promoting the cooperation among not only governments but also enterprises, ITU is playing a vital role in this process, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous support and prominent contribution.

ITU Telecom World 2009 provides us with a great platform for mutual and in-depth communication. Let us work together towards a better future.

I wish this event a full success.

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