Chinese Mission Spokesperson Liu Yuyin Refutes the US's Distorted Remarks on Hong Kong
2020-05-24 03:22

National security concerns China's core interests. It is in fact the basic foundation for the survival and development of any country in the world. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. When it comes to what kind of legislation is to be made regarding the Hong Kong SAR and how the law is enacted, it is entirely a sovereign issue for China. There is no place whatsoever for external forces to interfere or make irresponsible remarks. And there is simply no room for China to make any concession on this matter. All attempts to use Hong Kong as a pretext to undermine China's national sovereignty, security and development interests are doomed to fail. I hope that the US will view the NPC decision in an objective and fair way and respect China's position and concerns. It is important that the US rejects doubles standards, exercise caution with its move and rhetoric, and act in a way that is good for prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and for the growth of relations between our two countries. I would advise against any miscalculation. Any attempt to challenge China's red line will be met with a strong response from the Chinese side.